Why no interest in reel to reel if you're looking for the ultimate sound?

Wondering why more people aren't into reel to reel if they're looking for the ultimate analog experience? I know title selection is limited and tapes are really expensive, but there are more good tapes available now than ever before.
People refer to a recording as having "master tape quality",  well you can actually hear that master tape sound through your own system and the point of entry to reel to reel is so much more affordable than getting into vinyl.  Thoughts? 
For me, it's more about transistors versus tubes as amplification than it is "digital".  The PC can reproduce analog quite well; it's the SS amplification that's my primary problem in reproducing music.

It seems that only a real music lover can hear the difference between SS and tube amplification.
I don't have a problem with digital recordings if recorded using proper techniques.  (In classical music, too many distantly miked recordings have huge ambiance space but insufficient direct sound).  I prefer a more immediate sound, as heard from about the 10th row of a concert hall or jazz club.  I don't have a problem with digital music reproduction with high end DACs.  I am a confirmed analog lover.   I do have all tube pre-amp and amplification stages in both my audio systems for over 40 years.  I tried some higher end SS amps and hybrid tube/SS amps in the past but prefer my all tube gear.

Digital is measurably better than analogue by any known yardstick

speak for yourself. Analog is measurably superior to digital by the account of many audiophiles. 

Turntables are for real audiophiles,

My dealer who has both a great quarter inch reel to reel tape machine and also a great turntable claims that his 45 rpm jazz records sound very close to his tape machine jazz recordings.   With classic music, I myself have at least fifteen 45 rpm lp's that were transferred from 35 mm magnetic film tape which is over five times larger than the quarter inch tape that audiophiles are using.   Initially the costs for a great turntable set up are quite high, but with the right amplification, speakers, and lp's you can recreate a live performance in your own home.
A good cassette from the mid 80s to mid 90s, on naked Grado SR-60 headphones sounds very close to electrostatic speakers in terms of dynamics and speed. Awesome, dude! Get the ones on Capitol, Elektra, Virgin, Atlantic, I.R.S., Reprise, MCA, and others.