Why no interest in reel to reel if you're looking for the ultimate sound?

Wondering why more people aren't into reel to reel if they're looking for the ultimate analog experience? I know title selection is limited and tapes are really expensive, but there are more good tapes available now than ever before.
People refer to a recording as having "master tape quality",  well you can actually hear that master tape sound through your own system and the point of entry to reel to reel is so much more affordable than getting into vinyl.  Thoughts? 
@orpheus10    +2 on agreement with @sdrsdrsdr.

look no further than all the prized tube microphones, tube mic preamps and tube playback electronics on the recording side.

Music has always been very important to me, when I was in high school it helped to visualize my fantasies about this girl or that girl, or how marvelous my life would be when I became an adult.

Now I just enjoy the music without the fantasies. My music is sounding better than ever because of "the quiet grid", I'm also listening more intently as a result of "the lock-down". Before I became an "Audiophile, combination Musiophile"; I had to add that music bit, because music is still more important than the equipment. The purpose of the equipment is to faithfully reproduce the music, not recreate it.

BTW, I've been to numerous electronics schools as part of earning a living, I mention this because when I got into audio it was all about the "specifications" for me; I was always curious as to why those "dumb audiophiles" were paying so much for inferior equipment, when according to specifications my SS was far superior.

It was not until my most prized SS preamp bit the dust, and I wandered into a high end emporium did I discover why those "dumb audiophiles" were spending so much money. "Specifications" be damned, it's all about what it sounds like. As a music lover, I quickly discovered "tubes" were what's happening regardless how much some pay for their SS equipment; SS may reproduce beguiling sounds, but not music.

As far as I'm concerned, people who spend tons of money on SS equipment are hooked on beguiling sounds as opposed to the music that the artist created. As a matter of fact, I am of the opinion that most of the people on this forum are equipment lovers as opposed to music lovers; consequently, "if" I had the money to audition the ultra expensive equipment they review, I would probably be most satisfied with what I have.
This thread is a little stale, but I’ll add my bit. To enjoy reel to reel, you don’t *need* 15ips half track master tapes. 7.5ips and even 3.75ips quarter track give you a landslide more dynamic range than vinyl and very little noise. As someone else said, reel to reel is like a treat to the ears, not the most practical thing for every day listening. Even 40 and 50 year old pre-recorded tapes still sound terrific. 

I did some recording at 15 IPS and considered it to be a waste of tape for recording LP's; 7 1/2 is quite sufficient.

As much as we tout R2R, I don't think this is the time for someone new to get in.