Why no analogue at Audioreview.com ???

While I prefer Audiogon as an overall forum for it's colegial nature and the experience of it's denizens I do like seeing what is said about particular products over at Audioreview.And wheil may expensive audiophile caliber products are reviewed there seems to be a dearth of analogue.I find that a lot of the reviews are to betaken with a grain of salt as they are written by folks either "less informed" folk with more "mass market' type systems (said snootily) where the purchase decisions are being self-justified.Wonder what fols think of them as a forum but also why so little analoigue given the rest of the two channel gear reveiwed.Thoughts?
The general audience there seems to be more mid-fi, home theatre driven, just look at the review categories. Typically you find reviews there on high end brands that are better known, i.e. Krell, Levinson, Cary, etc. The reviews can occasionally be a good guidline but I tend to see too much of people validating a purchase they've made or trashing a product for no good reason. Reasoned balanced reveiws tend to be the exception rather than the rule. Another thing I've found when doing research on products I might buy is that if a review is of a higher end product it is often the first component of that quality level the reviewer has owned, so of course it's going to be the best CD Player, Pre-Amp, Speakers he's ever heard. That's my two cents.
Why no tube reviews? Why only one big bucket for all cables? Why not tweaks?

All the points that Jond makes are right on.

Ugh, just tried the site, they now have pop-up ads. Never going there again.

Agreed,I think that the bad reviwes though where folks have either bought products are better indicators than the 'Aren;t I a genius with golde ears" ones.But you do have to wonder why they might trash something.
One more response in agreement with Jond, he makes the points very well. There is way too much static in the information there for it to be useful. The reviewers experience and expectations vary all over the place, from the kid who just brought his first boom box home to experienced audiophiles to ex-employees with axes to grind.

This may not be the right place to post this. I have
placed a negative review on what is the current "hot"
speaker on audioreview only to have them post the review
than two or three days later omit the review.
I find this disturbing on a site that is used by many to see what their peers think of certain products.
This is dishonest in my mind and I don't trust any reviews,
regardless of what it may be of, on audioreview.
By the way, I posted the same review twice, only to have them post it then omit it a fews days later.

Hard to take them sersiously when the page with the item reviews has a "Buy It Here" button.

Audioreview has become nothing more than a catalog in high heels and a wig.

I think one must exercise a high degree of skepticism, critical thinking, and insight at any of the audio sites, including this one, because of the anonymity of the web and the varying human motives put into play by posters, readers, and even moderators.

I frequently visit and occasionally contribute (I hope...) to Audiogon, Audioreview, Audioasylum, and a few others. I've learned quite a bit and also seen quite a lot of mis- and dis-information from these valuable websites.
Don't confuse entertainment with substance. Wow, gee, I can be an audio reviewer just like H.P. Hey, everyone deserves their fifteen minutes of fame no matter how banal. You wouldn't make buying decisions based on this stuff, would you?
There I have to take exception.When it comes down to it what makes Pearson better n' you for you in reviewing a piece.Reminds me of the joke "What do call a Guitar player who only knows two chords?A: A music critic.And when you look at the list of assembled systems or ":simmilar products used" I think it indicates that not evrybody has a mid fi sensibility or exposure.Whereas the reason we have specified for skepticism are true some folks are on the level of 'Gon more experinced denizens only it's the "head to head" or product specific format that ha potentil for giving others a lead.To wit a guy say's he tried both the Clearaudio Arum Beta (think that's model-anyway one for $350) and he was reviewing the Benz Glider he bought.Questiones Stereophiles logic for rating the Benz class C and the Clearwater B when he said the Benz was better.Just one mans oppinion yeas but so is Pearson's,Fremmer's,or yours.Maybe if we all could vote we'd make the Clearwater Class C and give it a $$$.I notice in Strereophile buyers guide that products that at review time get and A when the first or second guide comes out they get demoted.All of this is important because we want as much info as we can given that when based on a review we seek out a product it's compettitors are not going to be there.HiFi ain't like cars where if you drive an hour in any direction you'll find a dea;ership for just about any make.This is an obsessive compulsive hobby but maybe it's a gooid thing because unlike in a lot og areas of life we need more info not less,even subjective and biased input' due to the fat that new or used many folks mail order stuff that's unheard or rely on demos in rooms or equipment that may be less like ours than a person at Audioreview.com.Still were blind but agin more not less in our little hobby.Consumer Reports is not where were going to get a lead on whether or not to short little Johnnies College fund for those Spectral amps.