Why Merlins sound better then Sonus Faber

Why do Merlin Speakers 1/5 the cost of SF sound better then even the top Sonus Faber models? or am I wrong...
interesting point johnny and agreed. perhaps many should hold judgement on this topic before they hear the new bme versions of the merlins as well.
regards, bobby at merlin
I couldn't help but notice the many troll addicts on these forums. A sore eye for the ever dwindling bubble community that already exists. It doesn't take much for trolls to come out of closets nowadays with any posts and/or any OP. Furthermore anything costing over 30K - just hire a band to come out into your living room, every Friday night, for a whole year - would be more real than any transducers, light bulb and circuit could put out.
wow there are more Troll Police on this thread than people who actually want to talk about the speakers. Thank god for the Troll Police for saving the audio world from those that want to talk subjectively about their speakers without having pages of measurements and documentation - not the least of which needs to be a certified affidavit that you have no relationship to Bobby P, his dealers, someone who owns or even once owned Merlins, or even once thought about owning a Merlin or other speaker that you liked for that matter.

I am a troll - maybe there needs to be an audio discussion site where it is okay to be a troll. I own Merlins (and am enthusiastic about how great they are) and have even heard Sonus Fabers on a number of occasions. I liked both speakers. I own TSM's - they are great speakers in my room, with my gear, with my music (I prefer Stones to Beatles)and for my budget. Highly recommended and enjoyable based upon my experience with them.
ladavid, in doing a little research i found that the op owns a pair of tsm mm's. this version was certainly one of my favorites because it had a very transparent and expansive sound. i was going to respond with possible reasons for his findings until he was called a shill and troll which knocked him out of the discussion. no doubt that there are many who shill and troll on these forums but i have no knowledge of him or the reason for his post (other than to get some information from this forum). if it were me i might have asked my question a little differently at least so it was not as leading.
i find this sad because there are a few obvious design differences between sf and merlin products.
if the op had contacted me i would have explained these to him but he came here for help and this is what he got.
bobby at merlin