Why lots of B&W Nautilus for sale used?

I see a lot of B&W Nautilus speakers for sale, mostly 804s and 805s and some 803s. Considering the Matrix was around for 10 years, you would think there would be lots of them for sale from upgrading, but no. So is the Nautilus really better than the older Matrix overall despite what we hear??

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This is interesting in that it perfectly exemplifies why no-one should take subjective appraisals very seriously (except their own). I have to say that I've heard equally committed endorsements for MANY different brands (usually carried by them) from MANY different dealers. Sometimes a consensus will occur. Sometimes not. I have been present at several low stress blind tests involving equipment of large price differentials and it is more often the case that even the equipment owners themselves cannot reliably identify their own hardware (I'm not including mixed comparisons of tube vs solid state)assuming fairly comparable performance capabilities. Of course, gross differences are just that. Gross differences. These two individuals seem to be firm in their respective opinions and ad hominem attacks won't strengthen either position. Let it be said that caveat emptor should also imply that many options should be considered prior to a decision. I personally appreciate a dealer who is willing to acknowledge that occasionally a lower priced component is equivalent or even superior to a higher priced competitor.(It does happen!) PAX
To add to Elizabeth's comments; traditionally, audio sales folk can purchase equipment at 50% of retail and may sell it a year later...usually at a profit. So within a few well-planned years, high-end audio can be free. And Robba; you're being awfully generous to our aspiring alpha males.....aren't you?