Why lots of B&W Nautilus for sale used?

I see a lot of B&W Nautilus speakers for sale, mostly 804s and 805s and some 803s. Considering the Matrix was around for 10 years, you would think there would be lots of them for sale from upgrading, but no. So is the Nautilus really better than the older Matrix overall despite what we hear??

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Sugarbrie, . It does't get built much better than my Nautilus 805's. It stands to reason that a speaker with rave reviews like the 805's and 803's are bound to get a lot more buyers, and therefore a few more sellers. My friend has the big Silver Signature series B&W's, and even they are not significantly superior to the 805's ( a little more bass). The Matrix series is not a contender in any way IMO. Also, I think many of the B&W 's for sale are by people upgrading to another B&W. I use a REL Strata III sub with mine, and I suspect some of the sellers may not be using a sub, or perhaps have equipment that is not up up to the level of the 805's. If you are thinking of getting a pair of 804's or 805's don't think twice, they're alright!