Why LCD and Plasma? 37

It seems to me that LCD and Plasma are discussed most when it comes to TV these days, is there something wrong with other formats such as DLP, 3LCD, etc.?

I would like to purchase a new TV for our bedroom and I was looking at the $800 range, this had me loking at 32" HD TV's, at least those of quality; I'd prefer slightly bigger. I happen to look at a 37" Sony (KDF37H1000) that I thought looked nice, just under $900, and I saw that it was 3LCD, this is a rear projection TV.

Why do these formats get little discussion?

Any suggestions for a 37" (or larger) HD TV for a good price?
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Tvad, I will begin by saying I am NOT a videophile. However, I spent considerable time investigating before buying a plasma TV. I replaced a 32" XBR CRT. I chose the Pioneer 1080p plasma because of how it dealt with Standard Definition programing and older movies. This is what separates high end TVs in my opinion. They all look great in HD with a HD DVD running. I have been very pleased with my choice and would recommend this TV. As in audio, let your real life observations rule over the spec sheets.
I am still using a high end Laser Disc player, and have a few hundred movies in the LD format.

What problems might I encounter when using an HDTV plasma display?
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My five year old 36" Sony XBR does 1080i. Will I be okay when the analog broadcasts go the way of the Dodo? I plan to use this in the bedroom when I purchase a new T.V.