Why LCD and Plasma? 37

It seems to me that LCD and Plasma are discussed most when it comes to TV these days, is there something wrong with other formats such as DLP, 3LCD, etc.?

I would like to purchase a new TV for our bedroom and I was looking at the $800 range, this had me loking at 32" HD TV's, at least those of quality; I'd prefer slightly bigger. I happen to look at a 37" Sony (KDF37H1000) that I thought looked nice, just under $900, and I saw that it was 3LCD, this is a rear projection TV.

Why do these formats get little discussion?

Any suggestions for a 37" (or larger) HD TV for a good price?
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01-02-08: Tvad
I have yet to see a high definition LCD or Plasma TV displaying a
standard definition 4:3 aspect ratio signal that didn't look like crap. Do
any exist?

Not that I'm aware of. I think they purposely use crappy SD tuners to make the HD picture look that much better. So when you compare the HD picture to the SD picture you get more WOW! factor.

That being said, for some reason my wife always chooses to watch in SD as opposed to HD. I can't say that I know why. The picture looks awful to me.

As for Brian's question, I just think LCD and plasma get most of the ink because they are the two hottest formats. They tend to cost more $$$ though. Most folks here have more $$$ though, same reason they tend to talk about seperates more than integrateds. Nothing wrong with integrated amps or DLP's. You spends your money you makes your choices.

Tvad, I will be in the market for a new plasma. In what way does the 4:3 standard def look like crap?

That's funny! My wife does the same thing. I think it's habit. She's been conditioned to punch in the channel number of the SD channel and hasn't bothered to learn the HD channel numbers. Anyway, I set the default power-on value of our DVR/STB to the high def version of NBC. From there she just uses the up/down button to get the the HD versions of the other network stations. However, the non-major network channels in HD aren't in sequence, so all bets are off when watching HGTV!


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