why is this thing humming?

I just hooked up my new mcintosh 207. I made sure the cables arent bundled and what not everything looks pretty clean. But this amp is humming something bad. I rehooked up my rotel 1095 no hum what soever. This is up setting since the reason I bought this amp was the Rotel was supposed to be the wink link. Please help I need my tunes up and going.

Have you tried a cheater plug (converts 3 prongs to 2 prongs)? This next comment may sound a little too tongue in cheek ... but the more expensive the equipment the greater the chance of ground loops and hums ... this never happens to $100 Panasonics. The following thread gets into the whys & why nots.

Hum Thread

Regards, Rich
Rich thanks for the input Ill give it a shot tommorow thatll be the first thing on my to do list! Ill keep you posted.
Don't forget to eliminate humming (buzzing) of power transformer. Humbuster may work in that regard.
Im sorry I may have not given enough info. The hum is coming from the speakers it isnt as apparent after the music is being played at moderate levels but I dont think the hum goes away. Matt
Matt, be careful with cheater plugs I put some in and the system was dead quiet but it strangled it sonically. I have Mac 501's and they send a small hum to the speakers and it varies from IC to IC but it isn't enough to be a problem for me.
Matt, I experienced a similar problem when I switched from a Marantz Amp to Levinson. Speakers hummed throughtout and during quiet passages, you could hear the hum come through. Very frustrating. After much searching and lifting grounds, etc. I found the hum to come from my mains! The biggest culprit was a fridge connected to the same power phase (note not circuit). Problem was solved by:
- an engineer who moved noisy circuits to other phases (I have 3 phase power supply in my home)
- installing a high current capable passive line conditioner
It doesn't know the words? ;)
Try this thread also. Sounds like a ground loop hum, and the hands-down most common culprit is a coaxial cable (TV) feed comming into the same circuit. Had the same problem, and the linked discussion (as well as many other's you'll find) tell you how to lick it -- if that's what's ailing you.
I turned on a movie this morning and the hum is very apparent in the sub woofer also. Probably louder for the most part through the sub. Now im getting aggervated.ahhhh.Thats better does this change any thing? I tried changing the sub cable and it did nothing. I had a sub cable befor that waqs the cause of a hum on a previous system but this time no luck. Thanks in advance Matt
AAAArrrggghhh! Jond beat me to it!
try ground isolation transformer in line on your CATV.
Check and see if you have a light with a dimmmer/rheostat on it, plugged in somewhere in the house. If so, unplug it and check your system again.
Let us know if you find the cause?
Yes there is a dimmer in line with this Ive got the electrician comin to run a designated outlet with 10 guage wire and its own circuit!