Why is there so much Rowland gear for sale?

There seems to be an excessive number of Jeff Rowland products for sale on Audiogon. I happen to be one of the sellers. In the past there would be 8 or 10 items for sale but suddenly there are double that amount of items and they seem to be selling very slowly. Does anybody have any thought on why?
Taters, were is your respones??? The Jeff Rowland and Pass Amp's are both Excllent amp's Respectiale. I also think it has to do with the Economy and Amp upgrades.
I am glad you all like your Roland gear.
I will admit it is the prettiest stuff on the planet.
I am just wondering If it did not look so beautiful
would you still be buying It!

Taters, so what stuff do you think is better than Roland in the same price area, that doesn't look as good but sounds way better? The Roland stuff is not followed closely by Stereophile (they rarely review it and thus don't put in the recommended components) but many rather qualified people feel it is some of the best equipment out there
I admit it, I'm a JRDG fan. I've owned the Coherence II preamp (the early 90s version), a Model 1 power amp, a Concentra integrated and a Model 112 power amp. All were purchased used or demo. Besides the great looks and build quality, Rowland has a wonderful sonic presentation. It always favors the musical performance over the hi-fi details. At some of the prices listed they're a bargain. Is there better sounding equipment out there? Of course, but there's always a faster gun (so to speak).
GamuT D200 or Herron 150 monoblock both for around $5K IMHO is better than any Rowland amps.