Why is there so much PS Audio stuff for sale?

There seem to be a ton of PS Audio cabling and components for sale. I know they have a wide product line up, and have been in business quite a while (for this industry). But most of it for sale seems to be pretty new, not older, outdated items. Are they not well regarded? Are they seen as a "stepping stone" manufacturer, where people move on to supposedly bigger and better things? Is their price/performance ratio out of whack? They make so many different items, like all sorts of cables, pre & power amps, DAC's, power conditioners, and tweeks. Is their product line too big, where they're really only good at producing one or a few different things? Is it coincidence? Or something else?
I have noticed when there is a lot of Benchmark, Wilson or Dynaco equipment for sale, there is a lot of PS Audio for sale too. So the real question is, why is there so much of the other stuff for sale?
Because PS audio sells lots of stuff that gets people addicted to the sport... and then the elusive chase for the "truth" begins... They also provide 30 day in house trials and they are marketed through Audio Advisor and other catalogs which provide them a larger audience.

It's also pretty good gear for the money! It could be a stepping stone for some but it could also be a final resting place.

Disclaimer: I own their PS Powerplant 300 MwaveII, PS Audio Director 3.5, 3 Powerports, 1 Ultimate Outlet, and now 1 Premier Power. I have owned their interconnects (build quality and packing were amazing, but the bass was bloated compared to my megadollar cables.. but still amazing value for the $$ and I would recommend them to friends.)

Another cool think about the company is upgradablity.. I bought My PS Audio 300 ages ago and was able to upgrade it to their latest spec each time they upgraded the unit. This was a huge value to me since I turn a lot of gear, and probably why it's one of the few pieces I have owned for years.

It's great to see them pushing the USB Dac, and the Phono Preamp that can double as a single unit preamp... Good Values.
I have used their previous range of ic & pc which I have mostly replaced with others. In my set-up they sound too dark & lacking the finer details.
IMO their power filters & power plants are still very good, SQ wise. There was some reliability problems (heat) with the P500 power plant which I then traded in for the P1000.
My take is that Wilson and PS Audio sell lots of product. A lot of owners start at the bottom and work their way up the line. Dunno about the others but I think we have to remember that owning audio equipment is a frivolous thing, subject to disposable income that can be fleeting, fads, upgradeitis, needing to sell to buy something completely different, and all manner of other factors. Audio equipment is not quite a necessity. I have a friend who had a rig worth at least a half-million $, including speakers that retailed for $160K, a $100K integrated amp, $65K turntable, and one day he sold it all. I was astonished and asked why. Turns out he was selling it to buy a $340K car. Just because there is a lot of one manufacturer's equipment for sale doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong with the equipment. It could mean anything. There are a heck of a lot of BMW's for sale but it doesn't mean they are inferior cars. Disclaimer: I own both PS Audio and Wilson--I started with Sophias and sold them to get Watt Puppy 7's, and have some PS power generators and cables.
Remember it's tax time (and Xmas recovery) so people sell right now and buy after they get their refunds.. that's why tons of stuff is for sale right now.

The reason you you see Wilson stuff for sale right now is because WP7 owners are upgrading to WP8's. Plus I wouldn't say 20 adds for a manufacture is a lot??? There are just as many VR adds and 2-3 times the B&W adds..

I'm glad all this stuff is for sale... drives prices down and allows people to play with a lot more different equipment..

Plus buying off brand (once reviewed products) sometimes means you stuck with a nice piece that you can't unload for 25% of what you paid because no one knows about it.. So these manufactures are a little safer in purchasing as you can resell it and not take to big of a hit...

Once again, all advantages in my book!
In the world of apples to apples. PS Audio is an orange... No offense intended !!
It's simple marketing. PS Audio heavily advertises their products, and has many authorized online retailers making their catalog very readily available for even the average consumer. Therefore substantially more people buy their product than another lesser known companies offerings. I would venture a guess that the same percentage of PS Audio items are resold as any manufacturers, but because of the larger number of sales, it appears to be way off the norm.

I wouldn't worry about their stuff not performing well, PS Audio is a solid company with some really spectacular products, namely their gain cell amplifiers.
I have made a chart to benefit the audio community so that we will all know monthly through the rest of the year into January '08 which component will be questioned as to its preponderance in the classifieds:

April - YBA
May - Acoustic Zen
June - Cardas
July - Polk
Aug. - Insignia (because all audiophiles are
on vacation)
Sept. - Audio Research
Oct. - Magnepan
Nov. - Rega
Dec. - PS Audio (bi-annual showing)
Jan. - Clever Little Clock (of course, only received as
gift, NEVER purchased by self)

Now that you know the schedule, be sure to line up for your discounts! It's as easy as timing the stock market! ;)
Thanks Douglas!!!
C'mon September............

John :)
hi doug:

can you tell me how to time the stock market ?
MrT, It's easy; you GUESS when stocks are going down to buy, and you GUESS (yes, of course, with all your technical analysis at hand...)when they're going up to sell. Anyone can do it, that's why I don't recommend it. I was being facetious. As the wise say, it's "time in the market, not timing the market."