Why is Oppo stopping products.

Just went to their website and they are no longer making new products. 

I had an interesting discussion over email with Oppo’s Australian Distributor (Interdyn) recently. They told me that Oppo will only continue to release firmware updates in a limited capacity, focusing primarily on bug fixes and the like. They said they do not expect new codecs or formats to be supported going forward, meaning legacy players could start to become superceded in a relatively short timeframe. That makes a strong argument for new players like the Pioneer UDP-LX500 in my books. Technology is changing so fast, why would you want to spend big $ on a boat anchor?

I need a turntable for my car...tube preferably...I now hear CDs are going to have a revival like vinyl, and be the "next big thing."

You joke, but in the 50's and 60's there were actually record players for cars.  


I do occasionally miss playing vinyl.  I really liked my Linn Sondek, CJ Sonographe and Ariston.  However, I don't miss the Delphi Oracle MK4.  It was sooo finicky and prone to vibration.  I remember spending a lot more time setting up to play a side than it actually took to play a side.  After dropping the stylus, I would tip toe over to the listening chair and very gentle sit down.  I eventually purchased a very heavy Rockport TT stand.  Flooring was subfloor over concrete slab.  The next step was to tear up the floor and re-do it; I wasn't going there.

BTW - Delphi still makes their reference CD turntables.  
File based audio/video is the way to go whether downloaded or streamed. Less plastic, cardboard, transportation & delivery -  stuff we just don't need in this world. These universal blu-ray players are the best and simplest audio/visual processors that have multichannel DAC capability so their demise is not good. I've got a Cambridge CXU and I'm glad it's still working fine.
FWIW, I have been using my Oppo 205 as a Roon player for a couple of weeks now without a single hiccup. I output into a Naim 5si integrated. Great sound. The 205’s universal format disc capability is a nice backup feature, as I saved about 700 of my favorite cds in two cloth “carrier/storage” cases. A QNAP TS251+ NAS with maxed RAM runs Roon core fine.