Why is Oppo stopping products.

Just went to their website and they are no longer making new products. 
A 203 for 4K video plus a 105 for audio and video streaming is good combination. A used 105 + a new 203 cost the same as a new 205.
" A 203 for 4K video plus a 105 for audio and video streaming is good combination. A used 105 + a new 203 cost the same as a new 205."

Hello junzhang,

     Interesting idea that may work well in my system since I already own a 105 and would just need the 203 along with, of course, a 4K hdtv and some additional cabling.
     I'm just confused about how to hook this all up.

             Could you please explain exactly how I would hook this up?
      Off the top of my head, I think it would require the 203 to have separate video and audio HDMI or digital outputs.  Does the 203 have this capability?

Yes, agreed.  The problem with all these little streaming boxes is they don't support any kind of hi-res audio or even CD quality audio.  All these boxes boxes down-sample to DD, DD+ or Dolby Atmos; these are all compressed formats.  They don't even give you the option of 2 channel uncompressed stereo.  As Junzhang10 points out, the 105 supports hi-res audio from some streaming sites/services.  The 103 supported some of those sites/services also.

So the perfect combination:

  • A Roku, AppleTV, FireTV for everyday Video streaming
  • 4k Blu-ray player for Best Video/Audio quality from physical media
  • A dedicated audio streaming device for audio streaming from services and local sources.  Play-Fi and a few others support 24/192.
  • Oppo 105 or a computer for those few sites that support hi-res Audio and Video.
I have a 105, 203, Play-Fi and Roku.  Unfortunately, they are not all in the same system.  I so want all these features in one box.  I know it's not really practical and would probably be compromised. 
205 can be used as USB DAC if you hook computer. You should grab a 205 from their last run even if you have a 105.

The Apple TV can decode CD quality audio (16 bit 44.1khz PCM) (and I believe the nVidia shield will as well if the app support it) and at least the nVidia Shield can 'pass through' lossless surround formats (DTS-MA and Dolby TrueHD) though you need a processor on the other end to decode the signal.  Apple just announced enhancements to the AppleTV 4K this past week including Dolby Atmos support, right now it doesn't seem clear whether that's going to be true uncompressed Atmos or Atmos in a DD+ container though.  

I'd be curious how many people have a dual-use system for both HT and 2-channel music though.  I have my 2-channel rig in a separate room from the HT, and I don't do any music listening in the HT room.