Why is Oppo stopping products.

Just went to their website and they are no longer making new products. 
Yes OPPO 105D is the ultimate music streamer, 2k Blueray player. I stream Tidal, Berlin Digital Concert Hall through it, using iPad as control. I wish Oppo 205 had these app build in. But I have still registered an Oppo 205 4K player. 

I don't disagree with my dissenters on business models, but I disagree with the facts. 

I accept the possibility I could be wrong, but it does seem to me the were selling before the announcement. Now, if they WERE sitting on the shelves and dealers had too many, then my whole argument goes out the window. 

Further, just my opinion mind you, they were an easy sell. As far as I know, they were they only high end(ish) video player on the market, priced right between consumer disposables and high end (accessible to  anyone) and really easy to choose because you can plug them in any way, with any number of better components. 

Didn't look like a company on the way out, or in trouble in any way. 

Regarding "behind the scenes", trade war stuff and such, maybe? Stuff that we learn about usually exist BEFORE we learn about it. 

Call Oppo.  

BTW - Just got off the phone with my Oppo Dealer.  He told me he was selling about 1 Unit/month.  Then Oppo made the announcement and he couldn't get enough of them.  

Also, I've heard through the grapevine that the Cambridge Audio CXUHD was using the same MediaTek platform/parts as the Oppo 203.  The CXUHD does not have analog outputs.  If you look at the two players, they look very similar.  I have not verified this with CA.

Sony has the UDB-X1000ES for $699 which is based on the Sony UDP-x800 at $299 retail.
Hi basement,

     I'm not certain how well the Oppo 205 was selling prior to the announcement but supplies seemed to be low, with the price rising substantially for still available units, almost immediately after the announcement.  No surprise there but I don't think Oppo was overly concerned about not selling all their remaining units.
     I agree with you that the top Oppo models have been excellent performers for years and occupy a unique segment in the blu-ray player market; high-end audio and video performance, playback of almost any silver disc type, excellent dacs, very good surround processing of music and ht, 4k video upscaling and streamer/player for all digital sources and files from CD 16/44 to DSD.  A hi-end jack of all trades for an affordable original price of $1,400.  
     I also agree that they don't appear to be a company on the way out.  I think what we're witnessing is a very competent company, that has made a decision for their unknown specific reasons to exit the market at the top of their game, exiting the market in a very competent manner.  No excessive remaining unsold inventory and one planned final production run to satisfy remaining demand and maximize profits.
     I too hate to see them go but I did signup fairly early on their website for notification once the final production run of 205s are available for purchase. 
     I'd like to be more assured I'll be able to buy one of these final 205s so I'm going to inquire if prepayment to reserve one is an available option.
     I'm also a bit concerned about whether the 205 will function just as well as my 105 has while just adding 4K video playback.  But I'm going to start a new thread asking for assistance on this today. Any assistance from those on this thread that already own, or are knowledgeable about, the 205 will be definitely welcomed and appreciated.

@prpixel , IMO, I  believe OPPO dropped streaming apps on 203/205 players because getting firmware updates into the apps themselves was technically challenging and or had to many copyright laws. When using a Roku 4 with 103, I found the Netflix/Pandora apps on OPPO to be older versions, and Roku 4 performed better.