Why is my Rotel RA 1062 amp running hot?

My system is simple - Rotel RA-1062 integrated amp,a single pair of Klipsch CF-2's, Rotel RCD-1072 CD player, Panasonic Blu-Ray, Technics turntable, and cable box. The amp is on an open shelf with no air constrictions and it will still run hot and shut down if pushed too hard. I've changed speaker cables twice and it didn't help. Any suggestions?
You have an odd problem. I don't know a lot about your speakers, but if I'm not mistaken, they are very efficient. You should have no problem at all driving them with your Rotel. I would try 3 things to start out with. To rule out a problem with your speakers, I would try your amp on a different pair. It doesn’t really matter what kind of speakers; you’re just checking to see if the amp will overheat with something else. Just be sure its a speaker that your amp would normally be able to drive.

My second recommendation would be to look your amp over really well, inside and out. Take the cover off and look at all the connections. Its not that uncommon to have a soldiered connection break or go bad; especially the ones on the back for your inputs and outputs.

Third, I would get a multimeter and check the outlet you plug your amp into. There may be nothing wrong with amp. It could be an AC issue. Also, you may want to try your amp on a different outlet that is not part of the circuit you normally plug into.

You don't need to check everything in the order I put them. Do whatever is the easiest first.
you might be pushing that rotel a little to hard . Try to borrow a stronger amp
I have owned a couple of Rotel amps and they have NEVER run hot or shut down. Your speakers are easy to drive, this is not normal. I agree with trying a different outlet or cables but if it doesn't help I would definatley have it serviced!
Does it run hot at an idle with no load or does it run hot only when driving your speakers?
The RA-1062 ($699 USD) is the middle model of Rotel’s line of European integrateds, and the only one offered on this side of the pond. Its output is rated at 60Wpc and 0.03% total harmonic distortion (THD) into 8 ohms. No power ratings are offered for other impedances; in fact, the owner’s manual recommends that the RA-1062 be used only with speakers whose impedance doesn’t dip below 8 ohms. Such power supplies often can’t provide the high current needed to reproduce a loud transient at a point in the speaker’s reproduction curve at which its impedance is low. (The opposite design philosophy is represented by brands such as NAD, whose amps feature high "dynamic power" into low impedances.)