Why is my Nottingham picking up so much dust noise

Why is my Nottingham picking up so much dust noise? It never did that before. Records would play clean through without any trouble. Now it clicks , pops and burps. I look at the record for signs of trouble and there's nothing there. Clean a new record on my VPI cleaning machine and it still pops. What Gives?
I was told it could be a grounding problem.
It could be static electricity, going to ground through the cartridge. Does your HVAC system remove a lot of humidity from your home's air?
Check to make sure your turntable AND tonearm are properly grounded and that one of the grounds didn't come loose.

Yes, my steam heaters take all the humidity away. But I have a static buster and use it all the time.

The table tonearms are grounded but I might need to ground the table to the phono pre amp.
I would also check the cartridge. Can the cause of this be there? Just asking those who know more than I do.
Yes, the table NEEDS to be grounded too. Run a ground wire from the center hub which holds the bearing. The needle running through the grooves creates static electricity, grounding the table gives this energy a path to go so it doesn't use the cantilever as a path. This should resolve your problem