Why Is Krell Not Considered Hifi?

No one seems to think that Krell sounds hifi, but just hifi price. They say it sounds hifi in that context that it doesn't sound real. I have to admit their products do have a metallic like cast to their tone, but aside from that I think that they are very smooth and detailed, far from the best in detail, like a CJ Premier preamp but they do make decent stuff. And just from looking at their products it makes you believe they sound as they look. Obviously its not true, but Krell makes decent stuff that has a good rep and is easy to resell (as long as its a current model, which is hard cuz they have so many new models) but its no way the sound of a Rotel or NAD that many people say.
I spent about a half hour at a audio show in a Krell room.I was not impressed at all.Heard Audio Analouge room way better,Audio Aero with Proac way way better.It left me wondering what the hype was about.Easily one of the lesser sounding rooms at TIER show In Toronto.
Tbonephile, I have thought this way as well. After selling Krell in the late 80's into the early 90's I could not understand the stigma that they received.No one has a complete line-up that is great all the way through,and can honestly say that I've never heard a horrible Krell.They do need a lot more attention to "match" than some companies,but when matched and used with thier devlopement brand of speakers most of them sound very musical and dynamic.I do enjoy my current set up of KSP-7B and KSA-150 and as a trumpet player,they sound very ,very good tonally.
No, it might not be everybody's cup of tea. I have been buying and selling audio for about 20 years, and have owned tube and solid state high end equipment. I bought my first Krell amp about 7 years ago and got hooked on the impact, dynamics and control that it offered. From then on I assembled a KRC-HR,300S,MD-10,Studio DAC,B&W 801's, and PAD cables. This system I believe has a balance that I am not willing to part with. I have listened to new Krell equipment (and B&W's), and I do not care for it plus mine is paid for. I have converted and attracted many non- audiophile friends to wanting what they never thought was possible. All manufactuerers use certain equipment in the "voicing" of their equipment, and that is the type of synergy that should be persued. I also have heard that C.J. and CAT pre amps are great with Krell amps. I also feel that I can play any type of music on my system and it will closely portray what was intended and not robbing the energy. But remember, in the end you have to live with the system of your choice
Clearly, Doctor Morbius was tone deaf.
Who knows? Maybe because they're bigger and more successful than many other hi-end companies - they advertise more and undoubtedly get to charge a premium for their products based on name. None of this is a crime, of course, but probably engenders some resentment. I've been very pleased with the Krell equipment I have (KAV-250, KAV-500, KRC-3). I've also been very impressed with Krell the company - the few issues I've had with their equipment have been handled wonderfully, some of the best customer service I've ever received. Finally, the one high-end shop here in STL that's worth going to carries it - maybe that doesn't say anything about Krell, the company, but I'm always amazed at some of the high-end lines that allow their dealers to be unworkable. It may be random and we here in STL who like Krell are just lucky, but I know I've given feedback to other companies who don't seem to mind that there's no way in heck I"m going to visit their local dealers' showrooms.
Wow! I didn't know that about Krell. But I sure know that a number of audiophiles are turned off by Krell for reasons that are beyond me. And the Krell-bashers are amazing! But, you know what? I am thoroughly pleased with the music that they (HTS, FPB200c, KAV 250/3) produce through my Aerial 10Ts et al. It's part of a surround system mostly used for music. I am very much into hearing the music! It's nice to see some of the others here who responded. Krells new preamp, the KCT, is awesome! I understand that Aerial will be using Krell equipment at the next CES. Do you think Mike Kelley knows what he's doing? I think he definitely does! So, all this is about what an individual is pleased with. Hey, Kthomas, what city is STL????
IMHO, a lot of Krell people are Equipmentphiles. After all, Krell's appeareance does suggest it means serious HIFI.
When I heard one of Krells' systems I thought that it reminded me of a Marshall solid state amp, and I prefer a tube sound when it comes to guitar amps. Other high end manufacturers have managed to avoid this, (Theta, Classe`). This may be what people are noticing, that edgy "solid state sound".
I have followed Krell for at least a couple of decades and I can say a couple of things with certainty. You really don't know the full capability of your speaker's bass until a big Krell mono gets ahold of it. Krell's designs have never been the last word in finese but big-time into dynamics and control. It seems that there are always trade-offs.
I own a KSA 200S and it sounds good to me. My only complaint is that the amp does not take well to being shipped. It sounds good but not appreciably better than my Bryston 4BST. This may be due to the fact that my Ohm Walsh 300's while inefficient are not a difficult load to drive. If you live in a hot climate like I do then heat dissipation may be an issue.
krell *is* considered hi-fi. not *my* cup-o-tea; i don't appreciate mfr's that change their models as often as most folks change their underwear... doug
I consider any functioning Krell power amplifier to be very faithful to music reproduction. Tube amps can be very nice too (I own one, and am buying another). Perhaps you just haven't heard a Krell component set up properly. I wouldn't go by what I heard from one in a dealer's showroom anywhere in the world (or especially an electronics show), which is mostly what is going on here IMO. You can't just use ANY cabling, and think you're going to get satisfactory results, that's for sure. You also can't listen to any system (tube or ss) in any room which is not properly acoustically treated, and then blame one of the components as the cause of "problems" you might be hearing, IMO. If you heard my (admittedly not top-of-the-line) Krell amp in my system/room, you might just want to buy the company...that's how good it is. Come and give it a listen sometime, if you're open minded. I am confident.
I have only heard Krell at a local dealer that uses Monster cable so I do not think that really counts as fair listening session, it still did not sound bad. I just can not imagine that equipment that looks to be very of good build quality and design could sound as bad as some people claim. I think some people just don't want to have the mainstream hi-end like Krell or Levinson, they want that oddball stuff you can not find anywhere,(same people bashing Carl on the MIT) and probrably will not be able to get service on in 3 years much less 10.
You have it all wrong--Krell sounds very hi-fi, as opposed to musical, and that's exactly the problem. It sounds surgical, precise, analytical, call it what you will, but it does not sound musical. You can mask its annoying high frequency shrillness with filters diguised as IC's, and that will at least make it listenable. The lows are solid, but very electronic with no sense of timbre or space, just pure slam. If that's what you enjoy, Krell is perfect. It is a stable company with LOTS of different models from which to choose, and there are LOTS of used ones available. Take that as an indicator of what happens to most Krell owners after they live with the stuff for a while, after that showroom glow, the Krell mystique, has worn thin.
Nope, you have it all wrong. It definitely doesn't sound "very hi-fi", and does indeed sound like real music. It has the lifelike feeling of macro-dynamics that tube amps of similar price (to my particular Krell) do not have (my tube amp is better with micro-dynamics and micro shadings of detail retirieval, but at the expense of a lifelike ease with large dynamic swings, that's why I have both). It also isn't all "slam", it has finesse. The one I have has about one fourth the damping factor of the Full Power Balanced series. You're just being smug, and don't know what mine sounds like, that's for sure.