Why is it that when I look up the seller info...

for some sellers I get a start date of 1969 (may have seen other "wrong" dates as well)?


What seller was it? I've seen members whose start date is 1999, but that's the further back that I've seen.

Ask Audiogon. Only they know the answer to your question. My profile says 1969 as well. Those were the days.It's off by a few decades.


Okay, I give up, where do you see 1969?

When I look you up, I see: Member since Jan. 2003, Posting since Apr. 2004.


I do not recall the sellers monikers, but have seen the 1969 date on a few
(3 or 4 maybe) queries.
Here's a new one (to me) I just found using Google:

I would like to see rating + membership date on the item sale page
Dekay, I noticed that same thing just the other day. Either Audiogon and the Internet has been around for much longer than I thought....or it's just another bug in the system.

Oddly enough I just looked up my own and it says: 12/31/1969 there too. Maybe I have been here longer than I thought. :)
I've seen this before, too. I'll guess it's related to the computer programming language or operating system this site runs on.

The UNIX birthdate is 01/01/1970, and for many an OS and/or programming language, the concept of time starts there. Put in some sort of (i.e. date - 1) algorithm, and there's your 12/31/1969.
So many glitches to work out yet with this new(er) Gon. I just noticed that if I am reading posts and then try to go to stuff for sale (Buy) it goes into error. I have to start over at the home page.
OK, thanks.

Joe's guess seems like a good one.
I checked the one for 2juki that Dekay mentioned. If you click on the classic profile, it gives as "active since" date. That may be the true join date that we should be looking at.
Krell man, I ain't lyin, I swear. I've seen it on more than one occasion and very recently at that. Ya gotta believe me.
It appears to be intermittant.
Bander, Krell_man, it's on the feedback page, not the user information page. From the user information page, click on feedback and look in the top left hand corner.
I see it quite frequently as well. It started last Feb. I emailed Audiogon and they said it was due to a programming error. They also lost quite a bit of selling/buying data that we used to be able to pull up. That is why the format is different as well. Some parts were not compatible with the new operating system and programming language.


Thanks! I thought these old eyes were really giving up on me. I see the 12/31/1969 on Bander's feedback page.

Here is where I saw the 12/31/1969 date.

When I was looking up the feedback profile of Response Audio NY/Purity Audio Desgins I saw the 12/31/1969 date

I went into Learn -> Member Lookup -> Input Response34 in the field and pressed the Find Member button -> selected the Read Feedback link

In the upper left corner under the ID response34 I saw the 12/31/1969 date. I think this is an issue with IDs where a person is a Commercial User.

response34 has a joined date of 02-24-00 in the Member Lookup page but the read feedback page has the erroneous date.

When I input my own info using the exact same steps above the Active Since date on the Member Lookup page is the same as the Joined Date in the View Feedback page.

If one date is correct in the Member Lookup page why not use that same information to populate the view feedback page?