Why Is Hi Fi Gear So Darn Expensive?

Why Is Hi-Fi Gear So Darn Expensive?! - The Absolute Sound

Interesting read.

"I recently heard a small 2-way stand mount speaker at a show. The sound was excellent. The product was priced at $50,000 or thereabouts, per pair. Allowing for distribution and marketing leaves about $25,000."

$25000 for distribution and marketing? Really? That much more for this than a similar product at 1/10th the cost?

I don’t doubt the marketing cost per unit could be much higher with boutique products. Makes sense. Is the cat is out of the bag regarding the value proposition of boutique products?

How about fancy fuses marketed for free here that cost practically nothing to ship? Oh my!

I guess there are "excellent" expensive boutique products and others that offer value everywhere. Hifi not unique. Take your pick! Live and learn!

The article also chalks up people’s reactions to high-fi prices to emotion. What about the sound they hear? Real or emotionally distorted? What would Mr. Spock think about that? I know he likes music...he plays a harp!


People who own small businesses need to make a large enough profit for them and their employees to live.

@sounds_real_audio +1.

Simple supply and demand. Low demand, low supply = Higher prices and great margins. 

Never in my life has "high fidelity" been so inexpensive. It's really incredible. Near perfect DACs for not much more than a high end dinner for two with wine and a tip. Near perfect amps for about 2 weeks of the average US salary. No one knew what a waveguide was when I started out. Now an amazing 2 way with flat response, great dispersion, low distortion for an average months salary. It may even come with the amp built in.  Almost no one used acoustic panels 20 years ago. Now for another weeks salary you can get quite a few for your room. DSP Room correction? Total game changer and inexpensive.  A couple reasonable priced subs, some good 2 ways, some panels, room correction and you have a system most audiophiles could only dream about 20 years ago for probably less than they spent just on their inflation adjusted speakers.


"High Fidelity Darn Expensive"?  Heck no. "High Fashion"?  Yes, that has yet to find it's upper limit.