Why is Esoteric N-05 playing my hi-res music files as MP3 320?

I just bought the Esoteric N-05 and hooked it up to my system via a lan and it is playing all of my music files as MP3’s regardless if it’s a dsd file or a Flac file. What am I doing wrong?

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Are you using their app, and if you are does it have an output setting? For example my streamer you can set to output MP3, Flac, hi-rez Flac, etc it may just be set to downsample everything to MP3.

I am using their own app to stream and there is no output setting. It was a great 

though but I checked and there isn’t one.

I believe LUMIN does app software work for Esoteric.   Wklie is LUMIN Firmware Lead and is very responsive to these type questions for LUMIN as well as app for Esoteric.   I do not recall seeing him active here, but he is active on Audioshark and  Audiophile Style forums.  Audioshark has forum there specifically for Esoteric as well as LUMIN.   It was not clear to me what source you are using to stream.  I have a LUMIN X1 and use the LUMIN app as well as Roon and Qobuz.   If you are using Roon, you will want to check if you have Sample Rate conversion enabled, and if so, what those settings are.   On the LUMIN app, which could be very similar to the Esoteric app, there is a setting for Audio Analog Re-Sampling.  I have that switched off, but if turned on to Custom, I still did not see MP3 resolutions.   Suggest if you post this issue for Wklie, you indicate streaming source, your firmware and app versions, and the equipment in the Esoteric input path.   

Best of luck in resolving.


Thanks for the valuable info. I’ve been working with Esoteric support and so far they haven’t been able to resolve the issue. I downloaded LUMIN app and it’s the exact replica as the Esoteric streaming app. I unfortunately do not have a setting for Audio Analog Re-Sampling. I will post my problem in Audioshark. I’m not using Roon I am using J River for my server software. I may try Roon.