Why is &amp such a common spellcheck typo on Audiogon

I used to think more than a few people were not checking their text before posting. However the typo only shows up in titles of the posts.  The typo disappears in the main text.  ??

i wanted my first discussion to be a good one. Lol
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It’s not a typo; it is an artifact of how the page is encoded and how the browser interprets the coding.

"&" (without the quotes) is html notation for an ampersand. Depending on how the site encodes the page, and I believe also depending on what browser (and what revision of the browser) is being used, the result may be that "&amp" appears when the page is viewed, rather than "&" which is what the poster wrote.

-- Al

Thanks Al. Great explanation.  Code within codes.  Annoying.
To wit: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/should-manufacturers-provide-circuit-schematics-parts-list

I tried to edit the title to remove the “&” without any luck.(It includes the coded “&” in the Forum listing.)
&amp did not make me think of ampersand.
i was thinking amplifier and wondering.
A strange bit of word processing.