Why is Acustic the best ...

... turntable or one of the best???

I keep reading passionate testimonials about it.

1) But, what is the science behind it?
2) How does the design depart from other very high quality turntables?

Thanks, Jeff
Dear Jeff: Who say or how can prove is the best?.

Any one can say: " hey this is the best ". But this statement could means nothing with out arguments that can/could prove " is the best " and " the best " against what? against which reference? and then comes many other questions like: in which systems " is the best "? in which quality performance parameters? it is really the " best " or only " different? how " different?

The word " the best " is something that has an absolute judgement with universal behavior, the " best " is a synonimus of " perfection " that till today does not exist in audio and specially on TTs where there are so many drawbacks.

IMHO the Acustic is a good TT like some others out there.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul: Yes, I understand that there is no "best" and in a way you are repeating my question.

My point is this. There is a lot of buzz about the Acustic turntables. Aside from testimonials, what makes it a great design and how does that design differ from so many other tables that do not enjoy similar "buzz"?

Testimonials provide good feelings and reassurance about lots of things, but they provide no factual evidence. To make a grossly unfair comparison, lots of people said they "loved" Bernie Madoff.
Agree with Raul's last statement.

And there're others here who have not been impressed to balance things out. It's a personal thing and best from the owners' perspective does not mean the "best". But it's an excellent platform to build and enjoy my vinyl collection.
Very good point Raul this goes without saying...

Where have I been, IS Acustic the BEST?

you know Jeff I agree with you from the stand point that there has been ALOT of positive testimonials about these tables,and I must say atleast from design standpoint it looks VERY Impressive.

But since this is an open forum I'd like to hear from Galibier,Teres, Redpoint,Verdier, Micro Seiki owners whose designs are also top knotch.

So again I will ask the question who says its the best?
Do you agree or are you just asking?

If I might ask which table do you own? and If you are(were) in the market would you buy a TW Acustic based solely on this reported "buzz"

Jeff too
I've read a review of the TW Acustic where it touched on why TW's design was such a departure from traditional turntable design.Tom Woschnick stated that its the materials he used in it's implemetation, a secret ingredients of sorts delrin,copper powder, and a few he won't divulge.It's the combination of these that supress unwanted spurious vibrations.Also he has used thick sheet of polished copper,along with a fluid filled center platter.

There is much more going on with this table but it's things like these that set this table apart from others not better.
Lastly Woschnick stated that as opposed to MASS loading he used this mystery cocktail of materials to negate these said unwanted vibrations.

I have heard the TW Acustic tables and yes, they are excellent. So are the Teres, Saskia and Galibier turntables. I bought a Galibier but would also be extremely happy with any of the other tables.

I am reminded of one of my favorite advertising maxims: "No one wants a 1/4" drill, they want a 1/4" hole!" Music is my passion and the gear is simply a means to an end. I truly respect folks who actually understand how all this stuff works and I enjoy reading their posts on this board, even the stuff I don't understand. I'm the sort of person who doesn't watch the special DVD features about how they make the movie because it spoils the fantasy.
I like to watch the DVD about how the movie was made. Some folks do not.

I am making the starting assumption based on testimonials that it is one of the best.

I'm asking what about it's construction sets it apart to make the buzz? Apart from secret sauce, sharing that the platter is made in part from fluid and copper dust is a start.

In regards to secret sauce, I seem to recall fusion in a bucket.
The best is a LP12

sold most

..but secret ingredients of sorts is good too.
I want a turntable based on the B-2 Military aircraft design. What is not to be seen on Radar is also good for those mean vibrations all over =) High End Logic)
Let's start is with black color and secrets....
I like the word secrets
Re-reading my prior post, I can see where it could come off as flippant, which was certainly not the intent.

I was ineptly trying to convey that one of things that makes this hobby interesting is that there are some of us like me who don't understand how all this works while others understand the inner workings of their equipment in great detail. Ultimately we are all music lovers learning from one another.

Back to the Jeff's original question. While I can't tell you the technical reasons that the TW Acustic tables sound good, I would have to say that no small part of the owners' enthusiasm is related to the excellent support that the distributor provides. (The same holds true for my Galibier.) I think this is an important part of the customer experience
Jazdoc, I did not think you were being flippant. Thanks for your input. We just have different values.

I don't get the mystery or resistance that seems to come up about asking how the Acustic is made when by all accounts it enjoys strong testimonials.

Do other goners simple prefer testimonials to understanding design?
Hi all, The 'Black Night' review just appeared in the
German magazine 'LP' (April 09) and Mr. Woschnick himself
destroyed the myth of 'ingredient composition'.I.e. the
copper was 'invented' before ,I assume. He added some kind
of 'special composite' layer to the platter but this part
is negligible qua weight in comparision. The 'drive' is
also a 'strange story' so I think the question about 'the
best TT' should be substituted for 'the most expensive' one. The advantage:'piece of cake' to answer.The review was,of course,'fantastic'(one don't expect
othewise) but if one reads 'between the lines'...
BTW the price in Europa: 29.000 Euro.
We are happy to have Raul on 'our side' and I certainly
love this guy.

Well said Raul. There are so many great turntables out there so prove the Black Knight is the best. Praise should been earned not just PR buzz generated.
The question assumed it is among the best. The question is not "is it the best". The question is about how it's made.

I had a good chat with Jeff at Highwater Sound and he was quite informative and pointed me to some reviews. Thanks all. Jeff
I think my German engineered all polished aluminum 80mm three motor Transrotor is the best! Not really, I think it is a matter of perspective. What is best for someone is not best for someone else. I woule like to think that mine with all of the upgrades is considered one of the best, but it is a silent giant killer and I like it that way. No complaints with mine whatsover and I have heard all of the other big German engineered turntables. A lot is a matter of taste.