Why I prefer gear that is made domestically

I find you have a better chance of getting parts and service if you buy a domestic product. Sure some domestic companies go out of business but nothing is full proof. If I need a part for my VPI turntable or ARC electronics I can usually get them within a week. When I had Dynaudio speakers I blew out a driver and had to wait 3 months to get one from Denmark. Since I didn't have another speaker at the time it made it inconvenient for me. No knock on Dynaudio. I really like their speakers. But if I had domestically made speaker I most likely could of got a part within a couple of weeks. 
I bought a Van Alstine Synergy 450 amp because it sounds like a big modern tube amp and is far better than the Odyssey amp I was using,at least on the classical music I listen to.
The fact I live 15 minutes from his place played a role too.
I took it in to have loose speaker terminals fixed, my fault from using death grip locking SC connections, and in a half-hour was good to go.And got to listen to Mozart on his new Janzen  "stats while I waited !
That sounds like the ideal situation, a manufacturer just down the road.  If something goes wrong you can just drop it off on your way back and forth to Starbucks.

"Why I prefer gear that is made domestically"

To create manufacture and repair job for engineer and technician.

Equipment engineering domestically  generally very reliable and retains its value more than most equipment. 

though how many American made speakers use Dynaudio drivers...so much depends on the company's customer service policies not just place of manufacture...