Why I am Selling

To all of those nice people good enough to e-mail me and ask why I am selling:

It's not so much the noxious clouds of smoke or the neutron-glow, although in combination the two seem to have killed our house plants; it may a little more be the gamma rays. The neighbor claims the ray killed his dog, but I don't believe it. After it warms up, the zapping and crackling sounds can barely be heard, and the ozone smell subsides after a few days -- the fact that the street lights no longer dim is, I am sure, pure coincidence, as are the thwump!-ing sounds coming from the loudspeakers. Much like the crackle and pop of vinyl, you can hear the pure music right through these little noises. No, I am selling it because I found something only slightly better -- and, given that I had to pay 200 times as much to get it, I suggest you buy mine right now! (Please allow a week after the auction closes for the unit to return to room temperature).
Myran, this is lovely! It's destined to become a classic piece of Audiogon literature... but given that your unit is now 3 days old and the seal has been broken on the original packaging, don't you think that your asking price of 88% off of retail is a bit excessive? Can you cover the shipping charges to Siberia?
You know the reason why I'm selling...it's because the bastard is broken and there's no one in the audiophile community that could possibly fix it for less than it originally retailed for. I would have laid it off on some naive, unsuspecting Audiogon member like yourself, but since you asked why I was selling it, and me being the honest guy that I am, I couldn't lie to you. If you hadn't been so mistrusting to ask, I wouldn't have had to tell you the truth. So there, now you have it!!! Happy..
Mike I really didn't need to know why you're selling,
but please explain to me why am I buying?
I really thought that you were gonna pay me to take this thing off your hands - overnight air shipping included, of course :)
Because I have way too much time on my hands and if I could just bring a little sunshine into someones life it would make it all seem worthwhile
Very creative! I'd buy, but I'm waiting for that unit that costs 666 times as much and comes with all those promises of wine, women and song you hear so much about. It does run very hot though.
I am surprised that the Audiogon moderator has allowed such a thread to pass.
I've just redecorated and it doesn't quite match the pattern I've chosen for the tea cosies. Oh, and muffy, the poor dear had a little mishap on it.
Well it is true that the unit doesn't look like much since the elactrical fire but after I'd put out the fire with the co2 extinguisher it occurred to me that i'd just performed the poor man's cryo so now I've gotta get 50% above list.Sorry!
On my last date with Scully from xfiles she fell asleep during the 4th playing of the Goldberg Variations trying to hear the bleed thru of the orchestra in the right channel ( or was it the left) when 2 greys walks into my home through the wall; they looked closely at my system and then back to me. At the same time they both held up one glowing finger (Spielberg was right!) and then made a pushing motion forward till their arms returned to their side. They disappeared but I could still hear the reverberation of their voices long than ever heard reverb in my system. They were gesturing for me to get single end tubes! Oh and Scully woke up, didn't believe my story and said the stereo was ugly get something new.......
Because I haven't reached audio nirvana!

Has anyone?
How about the honest approach...

For sale - top quality, perfect condition widget. I bought this cheap sounding piece of garbage that got rave reviews in the magazines and web postings. I can not believe the noise that is now coming out of my listening room. My dog has asked for transfer to the neighbors house, my cat is spending more time chasing rodents around the yard, my kids have started asking if they can go to the library to do their homework and my wife has banished me to continue shopping and spending money on audio equipment until I find and solve the problem component. All the while she Knows she's hanging with guy down the street who was smart enough to take up a hobby that didn't require that he lock himself in a closet and read web postings until sun up on how to get more base, a silky mid range and a sweet top end from a sytem he worked a whole year to pay for...

Just my opinion.
I just want to get rid of it, O.K!!!!!
The dealer who I just visited with told me his was better than mine, and we all know that the dealer who has been in business for twenty plus years has heard it all, so his opinion being so valuable to me, and I turst him very much, I am selling mine to buy his. StereoPlus Magazine rated it A +++ (new category necessary) and the measurements were unbelievable (on their thirty year old vintage volt meter battery operated not that noisy AC crap). Plus the dealer is giving me twenty-five cents on the dollar trade in value for this old piece of garbage (I mean mint condition unit, only ratd 8/10 by Agon standards, no scratches unless you look underneath) for his list price, best of the best, brandy new, state of the art, top of the line component. I just gotta have it! Really!!!

So, what else would you like to know about it? Also sounds wonderfull when it is working, whcih is most of the time.

I accept cash only, please mail it to me FedEx overnight mail to my PO Box address, Mars. I will be sure to ship it the same day by pony express.

Any other questions?? Oh BTW, I am in the process of moving and my phone is disconnected.
I have an advanced form of ADD and I became bored with it after 6 minutes. What do you expect, the damned thing is digital!
No problems, just upgrading.
Im selling because most audio gear is crap...and you make mistakes along the way...it is the "learning curve" we all must endure....in the end...metallic tweets,ported bass,and phase issues...are left to rot...
And as part of the "learning curve"...I must bestow this crap upon you...and you must do the same...until a legend is born...no highs...no lows...must be BOSE>...
I'm selling cause I want to hit the latest breakthrough in digital reproduction: enhanced fuzzy logic 96/768 upsampling & oversampling cdp. On 2nd thought, that product phasecorrect is touting -- no highs, no lows, no hassle -- sounds good. B.O.S.E.? Have to check them out, probably a garage operation known only to the cognoscenti...
I need the money for a "fix."
Yo, Rosstaman, you got the stuff man? what's takin' so long dude. You mean you can't get rid of that Bose system man. I'm getting cold bro. I need it bad man. (sniff!)
Jrwr7, I returned the Bose system to the home I burglarized. I couldn't even pawn it off for free. Sorry Jrwr7, you'll have to sweat this one out. Unless, you want to give me your Plinius, Dynaudios, and Krell equipment and I'll try to get you straight.
Hey Rosstaman,

I hope my post made you laugh half as much as I'm laughing right now. I've been able to overcome the shakes and come to my senses enough to realize how much I love my system. Sorry to disappoint you........John
I prefer the sound of my BOSE radio over my phase correct Vandersteens...i find the radio to have inferior imaging,very fatiguing highs,boom box bass,and a small soundstage...but the add on tv really sold me....
OK. This is from a buyer's point of view.

I've often perused the sales ads on this website. I've even talked to some over the phone with some of the people who were selling products I had interests in. After an elongated lapse of time of hearing them go gaga over the item they are selling, I would eventually ask, just why in the world are you letting this baby go? Three out of the last five answers they say they have to unload gear due to the pending new member of the family. This is all within 2 days. Can this be for real? So, maybe I can postulate there is a direct linear relationship between birth rate and the number of high end gear for sale.

What's really interesting to me is when I read, "I bought three of these, and I really only needed two. Therefore, instead of returning them, I will sell them on the used market for half price."

What's really sad is when the poor old chap tells me he's been out of work for years and need to provide for the family. Thus, he's got to sell. Really, this happened with this gentleman when I was acquiring an amp that I eventually bought. I wished him good luck on finding a job, and he sent me a partially damaged amp.

I guess this proves your point in a round about way--there is no point in asking. However, it is a pretty good conversation starter.
Maybe. Dealer swore their demo CDP was working perfectly. Thank God it skipped for me in the store, not after I got it home.
Bye, bye dealer.
I bought it at Tweeters for $399, and...
Yeah...used CDPs are risky at best...even more...used Turntables...I tend to stick to used amps...and select speakers...but you never know...somebody could treat these like a stepchild...there is always a risk just crossing the street...