Why I am awake at 3PM. Pacific time?

It shall be read as 3AM but I can not edit it.

My daughter will have baby delivered pretty soon ( in two hours).

I am going to be 60 years young grandfather.

Thus I am awake until I get the news.

Recently I am in audio heaven.

Raal Sr1a driven by Schitt Jotuheim R give very musical sound with fast and open transients.

Lansche 4.1 augmented by two 18 inch Scaena subwoofer give very dynamic sound upon solid bass.
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Hope all went well Grand Dad!
Hello shkong78,

Need a report on baby and mother.

Then more details from you on that RAAL/Jutenheim combo. Congrats on that, at least.


Congratulations on your grandchild!
Congrats! I know you'll do your grandchild proud. 
Spoil the heck of him/her while sitting on your lap,
listening to your stereo.

And what better reason/excuse to listen to music,
I can't think of.

All the best,