why hook your dvd-video to your receiver?

is there any reason to run the video from your dvd player through your receiver? i have always just ran component cables from the dvd directly to the tv. less cables, less chance to disturb the signal. same with the vcr. am i missing something?
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Sure there's a reason-so you can spend twice as much money on interconnect cables!!!!

But seriously, the only reason for running your video cables through the receiver is to simplify video switching. If you don't have an issue with choosing the input on your TV when you change video sources, then there is absolutely no reason to spend extra money for the interconnects needed to use the receiver as a video switch.

BTW, I use the programable function of my HT remote to perform the TV input switching for me. Works great!


What about ON SCREEN DISPLAYS? Yes, if you go direct to your tv, you can still see the dvd display but then you can't see the receiver OSD. The only way to get both at the same time is to go through the receiver.

I don't have any sources passing through my receiver (or any of my last 5 HT receivers) and I can see OSD just fine. I simply use a cheap composite or s-video cable from my receiver's video out to the TV. Why send sources through the receiver and chance the possible decrement of video quality. Especially if you have component video sources. Component cables are expensive! Why use 2 when one will do the job?


Thanks Fishcall for starting this thread,because I have been wanting to know the answer to this question and have not got around to asking it!
2 primary reasons:
1) It's for wife and two infants.
2) My old Panasonic Plasma has only 1 component video input.

Rather than to switch through inputs on TV AND A/V selection on the receiver, I have my AVR perform the up-video conversion. Therefore, my wife and kids have to hit only one button to turn on every thing. However, they sometimes turn the remote 180 degree b/c they turn to talk. Thus, not all components get turn on. This is when they know what to do to fix the problem. I try to keep things simple for them as much as possible. Sure, you lose some signals, but to my wife and kids, they couldn't tell the marginal difference. High-end interconnect cables with power conditioner help.
My Sony only has 1 set of inputs. Therefor, I need the receiver to combine all of my OSD's into 1 output. I have the preamps osd, dvd osd and the satellite. I have to put the dvd through the pre to see the osd. Yeh, I know I'm due for a new TV but this $900 32" sony won't die....