Why high-end cable manufacturers don't post measurements?

I'd like to get your take on why high-end manufacturers don't post measurements? would you like to see how a cable measure before ....does it matter to you?
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0, or even 00 and we are done.
Short answer? They want you to waste your money buying there snake oil. 
Here's some answers.  First, the sort if measurements the OP think will be of use are too simplistic to be of use.  second, measuements that MAY tell something would need to be done across the freq spectrum and all sorts of little things matter and cost money, like mortgage the house money.  third go to someone like keysight tech and price a really good network analyzer and the cal and verification kits, cables and other stuff.   You are talking a chunk of change and then you gotta find someone who really knows their stuff.  OR you make up stuff with your spiffy equipment and then your competitors do the same thing because some customers think it matters.  now your back where you started and have to make up more BS in marketingspace.   There are billions of dollars of equipment measuring stuff right now and none of it is in audio.  moneys not there.   frankly its a silly thing to argue about.