Why high-end cable manufacturers don't post measurements?

I'd like to get your take on why high-end manufacturers don't post measurements? would you like to see how a cable measure before ....does it matter to you?
Some of them do.Cardas and BlueJean come to mind and I've seen a few others.No it doesn't matter to me.
Yup, the thread is primed for measurement crowd and cable naysayers :-)

For the purpose of contribution, as long as manufacturer discloses the cable design philosophy and metallurgy...I am good with trying any ‘high end’ cables out there. More importantly, the cables should also be reasonably priced. I am done with insanely priced cables.....lol!

I trust my ears more than the measurements. If it measures good and sounds bad, what good is that cable regardless of its asking price?
@lalitk I like your response, it makes sense to me. Audio is subjective, if we can accept differing opinions, the ride will be less rough.
Yes, this is primed for cable naysayers.


Because there aren't any measurable differences between any reasonably designed cables.

Nor any sonic differences that can be readily identified blind.

Even the most expensive stuff from Cardas, Nordost, Kimber etc defy identification against the cheapest unbranded OFC copper design.

You can bet the above mentioned companies would publish their findings if they had any.

Alas there’s more chance of the British royal family publishing the results of Prince Harry’s DNA test.