Why HiFi manufacturers don't make active crossovers anymore?

Hello to all,

On the recent days, I noticed that a lot of manufacturers of Hifi 2 channel systems, had plenty of options in a not so long past, of active crossovers, like Luxman, Accuphase, higher end Sony stuff, and many more, why do you think HiFi manufacturers abandoned the inclusion of active cross overs, channel dividers, in their lineup?

Accuphase still makes a digital one.

Appears that this devices are only still relevant in the Pro Audio world, why Home HifI abandoned the active cross over route? It's correct to assume that?

I think that can be very interesting tri-amp a three way loudspeakers with active cross overs, would like to know more about it too...

Share your thoughts about the subject, experiences in bi-amp and tri-amp with active crossovers and etc....

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I use passive and active together . I would be scared to death to turn on my system without a passive in place to provide protection to my 076 and 077 tweeters . I use active  to make the first split to biamp . The high end of the split goes to the tube amplifier which runs a nelson pass design passive to mids and highs . Which also provides protection should a clip or mishap with connections rip a tweeter. The low portion of the active goes to a jbl bx63a which splits signal again to the mc2300 (2235 woofers)  and 2x  mc2300bridged (2245 subs) I cannot imagine not using both at the same time . I love  the flexibility to be able to tweak for any recording i come across.  

Active and passive are both necessary , i have no plans to go dsp. Takes the tweaking part out of the hobby.