Why hasn't America discovered the Fertin sound yet

I just finish listening to a Fertin20EX in an open-baffle driven by a sonic impact-t-amp. It's just fabulous, incredible sound. If you ever have a chance to listen to a Fertin , you would know what I mean. You could listen for hours and hours . It's pure joy. In Europe, they sell a Fertin 20EX in a cabinet for 9500euros, this is approximataly 12,000.00Us if you add shiping and taxes. Here in the Us and Canada , you can get a 20ex for 3000.00Us even a bit less and you would spend 200 to 300.00 for your open-baffle. Get a good cd player and a 30.00 sonic impact and you will listen to music like never before.Imagine with a better amp- tube. It with be out of this world.How is it that people don't know about it. Ok, since a few months , I'm the distributor for North America. I have it coming, not another D... Are there any people , here on Audiogon that have the Fertin. Am I exagerating. The voices are scary real and I could go on and on. Just try it.
That's not you Tekunda, is it?
Is that an advertisement?

I suppose he found a loop hole where AGon couldn't charge him; looks just like an add.
The gentleman has initiated six posts, three have the word "Fertin" in the title. By the way, if they will be kind enough to change the name, for the U.S. market, to Aertin, they will have an anagram for "tin ear". Cool huh? Hey I havn't been in marketing long - well, like fifteen minutes, really - but I always want to see a new venture get off on the right foot.
Bonjour Laurentgilles,

I haven't heard any Fertins but I've heard several Supravox drivers, and own one pair of Supravox drivers. They have been represented here in the US for a few years now.

I presume the 20EX is a 200 millimeter field coil driver. Is that correct? Is it really $3,000.00 each, or is that for a pair? Either way, that's higher than the comparable Supravox driver. Perhaps the Fertin is better, I don't know.

Hey I understand your being enthusiastic about something you sincerely believe in. I am sure you would not have made the huge financial commitment necessary to import the drivers if you didn't believe in them; there are much more profitable things to sink your money into than importing expensive specialty loudspeaker units!

Where are you located? Your name sounds French to me. Do you have a website? Or, can you give me a link to the French website?

It's unlikely that I'll become a customer of yours since I'm working on some projects of my own, but I'm always fascinated by specialty loudspeakers. I'm glad to see that Fertin is now represented in North America.

Best of luck to you.

I can't be certain.
Is this the Fertin sound that was so popular just after the original Mardi Gra score of "Swan Lake" around 1923?Or is it the Fertin sound that sent the thousand ships from the Med to Cleveland with the news of the comet Hales?Either way,keep on keepin on,thanks,Bob
What I wish in this post is to meet and exchange ideas with people who have a similar set-up(open-baffle and a Fertin20ex) and see if what they are experiencing is the same as I. Yes, I'm overenthusiatic about this set-up and to hear people's opinion about this special sound. As for being an importer: no I didn't commit any money in this. Just want to help out people who wish to experiment with these drivers.There's no money here to be made. It's just take too much time. But when someone need to purchase something like this , they need someone trustworthy that will give them support. I'm willing to do it for a while , but someone else will have to do it later on. Since ,I'm retired and my main occupations are tennis, skiing, golf, cyclying and two hobbies painting and music. As for posting without using the word Fertin, I don't know how I will get people in this community to exchange their thoughts about these drivers without mentioning the brand name. I'm located in Canada.
So, if there are people who have Fertins, then I would like them to share their opinion. Just want to share my feelings toward a driver that I find quite enjoyable to listen to,very unique experience for me. Sorry, if this sound like an ad,I wouldn't want another type of DK story,here but there are many people, all the time at Audiogon that exchange idea on different products without being ridicule.
OK, that's more interesting. Thanks for following up Lauren. I little "googling" found this thread on Audio Asylum from Feb 2005.


The AA thread includes a link to the French site of JLB Creations. Select 20EX and press "Valider"


Ushlues the year was 1924 not 1923. I gues what make this sound special would be the combination of an open-baffle with a full-range fieldcoil driver. Thanks metralla , a friend just send me the same thread and I will experiment with this type of open-baffle. It's easy to make and you're supposed to get deeper bass and a wider soundstage. I have them in a Phy-hp type of baffle (5feet by 5). I'm suppose to get another pair that I will use in a close cabinet (the one they sell for 9500euros). This would be good to compare but once you've listen to an o-b it's hard to listen to a close box and you keep searching for the sound characteristics that you're use to listen in your o-b (openess-minute details in the sound -very dynamic - coherent-realism and the voices..). It's a very addictive sound,without any fatigue.I'm really gladto have found these. Now the only thing left is to upgrade my components(I'll be searching , here, on Audiogon for a decent cd player and a good tube amp). I saw that there is another thread that has the same subject with the visaton driver. It's really something that Audiogoners should be looking into. I'm really an happy cat.
I am sorry for my response L.,In hindsight I see no humor,just sarcasism which is uncalled for here.Good luck,Bob
Just to anwer your questions Audiokinesis. The price of the Fertin 20EX vary from 764to927 euros each. So you must ad to this transportation, state taxes and duties. So it could be close to 3000.00us. As being a customer or not is not important. In this audio world , the important thing is to exchange information and feeling about our passion. My be I found my tube amp . The RM-245 , I think would be a good start. Thanks for helping me and keep enjoying music as much as I do.
There is a some discussion regarding these drivers on DIYForum:
Usblues,there's no hard feelings on my part.But I understand poeple being on their guard about people pushing their products on Audiogon thread. I would't appreciate it also. Before posting this, I had been in contact with Audiogon and I have asked them for the possibility of posting an ad . The answer was that they are thinking of something that would suit my needs, but only in a few weeks. Fertin, what I know of it is a 2or3 persons operation and I'm alone with limited means,so really it's not a matter of making money buy just let the people know that there's a great driver(I think) and they may try it and then we could exchange ideas about the special sound it has. I surely don't want to hurt anybodies feeling here . Go and enjoy music, the best peace maker in the world.
Laurentgilles...I gather that "Fieldcoil" is what they call a driver that has an electromagnet instead of a permanent magnet. These were common about 70 years ago when the electromagnet field coil also served as an inductor in the receiver power supply. What possible advantage would this offer today?

According to what I read, most of the drivers in the Fertin line, including the 20EX, use permanent magnets.
Great question. At first in my quest for the ideal drivers.I wanted one with a high efficiency that I would use with a set amp. I was quite interested in the Tannoys. What made me change my mind was my search on the net about fieldcoil drivers. Then my choice was made. I had only to choose between a few drivers that had the characteristics that I wanted(fieldcoil-use in an o-b, full range, paper cone- no crossover).There were not too many. I think Phy makes one but it was not a full range. Also Supravox made one but what I found that the sound was more coloured(never heard it). After reading a lot of info about Fertin I decide this was the one. And if you look at the comments about fielcoils-full range drivers on the net , you see that what I've experience with the Fertin is someting similar to the fieldcoils and use in an open baffle , this give the sound a further openess that you don't find with regular boxe drivers.The sound is different than a regular driver. Where can you get info on fielcoils on the net?You can look at the Shindo site(about Shindo lab) and (fieldcoil technology)but there are many other sites which gives you info about this.There are many advantages to the fieldcoil: there is a constant flow of current to the voice coil and the magnetic field is much stiffer than a standard magnet. You get a huge reduction in the driver distortion which may be accountable for being more fatigue free(you can listen for hours without feeling tired afterward, very surprising).Also you get higher highs than reg magnet drivers. You can also vary the voltage to choose a more forward sound or more laid back.It offers other advantages: compare to a regular driver, the cone can operate 10 times as fast and stop 10 times faster . This must explain the dynamism (very fast) that we experience with these drivers and the micro details info that we hear(really astonishing to hear the wind blowing and fading, you hear it to the last fraction of a second-very impressive).This make you want to repeat a cd over and you never get bored because the experience is so unique. There's a coherence in the sound and being full- range without crossover , you get the full spectrum (less bass but this doen't bother me much because the midrange is so fullfilling and the other characteristics that I mentioned compensate for this. But these drivers are very directional, the sweet spot is where it's all happening.My technical knowledge doen't permit me to explain in debt but maybe someone else could complement on this aspect. Hope this help a bit.
Anyway, what I wanted to tell Audiogoners is to try a new approach to music, that is the fielcoil-full-range-open baffle.Instead of paying for a box , you'll be listening to fantastic music.Last thing on these drivers, in your cd collection you will recognize immidiately the well recorded cd and others will sound terrible , same with singers, there will be some that you thought to be good and now you hear all the flaws in their voice. Well recordes cd will sound like heaven , others you won't be able to listen to them.
If you have 3 audiophiles listening to speakers how many opinions will there be ? 5

I would be interested in buying 25 pairs at a price reflecting what could be had directly from the manufacturer, and research and build baffles in order to sell the complete package. But I would not need a Canadian middleman that doesn't want to make any money
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In todays world of internet,to know something, manufacture has to be active
in hifi forums,online hifi magazines,youtube.Pretend to be users and praise the product several years:))) Reading various forums all over the world I noticed that well
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The only place that you don't want to hear Fertin is in an elevator.
Fertin under a blanket is never a good thing.

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