Why dont more standalone DACs come with ethernet???

Would make life easier.

this one does, $2600.
iFi AUDIO Pro iDSD Quad-Stack Desktop DAC.
looks nice

Brilliant reply, last paragraph key.

so bit stream conversion necessary before reaching the dac.  
A network player does this.  Dont want a streamer as it comes with lots of extra stuff i dont want.  

What about the rendering process, related to bit stream conversion?

thanks so much
@treebeard1. “However, many DACs take ethernet direct and there is no need for USB...”


Then that is technically a DAC with a streamer. A pure DAC will not have that function.

There is the streamer function, the DAC function, the preamp function, the amplification function and the speaker function. They can be all in a single devise or in a combination. The connection types vary between the function if in different boxes.
I dont like happy meals, i like to buy it all separate.  
Focus is the streamer in its purist form.  Is it a network player?  Doing only bit stream conversion?