Why don't we make a list of best pressings ?

I didn't compare many but here are a few. When I say Japanese original I mean Japanese first release, same mastering as the original in the country where it was recorded. In descending order.
A. Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
1. Japanese original promo stereo
2 -3. Japanese original stereo
2 -3. US original 360 sound.
US and Japanese sound slightly different, I listen to both.
B. Miles Davis - Pangaea
1. Japanese original promo
2. Japanese original
C. Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Inner Mounting Flame
1. Japanese original.
2. Canadian original 360 sound.
 D.Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds of Fire
1. Japanese original promo
2. Japanese original
E. Mahavishnu Orchestra - Visions Of The Emerald Beyond
1. US original White Label Promo.
F. Al Di Meola - Cielo e Terra
1. Japanese original promo
2. Japanese original

I have or had other pressings of all these albums, they are worse to various degree. Canadian original 360 Sound  Bitches Brew also sounds good but I preferred the US and Japanese. Japanese first release of the "Visions..' by Mahavishnu Orchestra is something that I don't like. This is rare in my experience when it comes to records from 70s.

John McLaughlin with Shakti - A Handful of Beauty.
1. Japanese original promo
2. Japanese original.
By far better than anything else I heard, including US WLP.
John McLaughlin - Electric Guitarist
2. Japanese original
Both sound good.
And another one.
Tony Scott - Music for Zen meditation.
original German by far. Recorded in Japan.
Great and unusual album, by the way.
The best Miles Davis Kind of Blue are the original 6 eye mono and stereo.  
many Japanese LP's sound thin and over processed to me
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Mental, which sites list this type of info? I'm interested 
Not sure exactly what info you are interested in. You might try discord.com. They have a pretty decent database. 
Sorry. Spell replacer got me. Discogs.com
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There are people here who did compare multiple pressings. Often you don't even need high end equipment, just a good one. 
Japanese vinyl from 70s itself is of very high quality, very quiet, but it doesn’t always sound best.
Say, I didn’t compare Pink Floyd’s WYWH pressings, I only have original Japanese and it does sound very acceptable. Not very good recording, though. Oops, I did compare it to original German, Japanese was better.
Lincoln Mayorga for Sheffield Records recorded direct-to-disc albums in the 1970's.  I would say the dynamic range of these recordings will reveal many system "idiosyncrasies"  that audiophiles love to discuss.

Is everyone one here too young to remember these?  Surprised they are not in everyone's list as they are as good as it gets for vinyl.


Bruce Cockburn - dancing in the dragons jaws  original True North release is a great pressing and great music as well.  Canada press.
richopp, yes the Sheffield LPs are special.

But Mayorga's recordings won't be up to everyone's taste.  I consider them "smaltz" but YMMV.

Fortunately there are others, such as the Dave Grusin, Tower of Power, "I've Got The Music In Me", and a few more.

On the broader subject, I tend to agree that original recordings can be as good if not better than later reissues.  Although I admit to having little experience with those from Japan.  The problem of course is if you don't already own them, finding clean copies now due to their age.
Agree on Direct to Disc recordings most sound fantastic, the people making them knew what they were doing and used quality vinyl. Unfortunately some sound dated as to content.

@tzh: +1! In fact many of Bruce’s pressings on True North sound amazing. Stealing Fire is another.
Discogs is great for finding real Japanese vinyl graded fairly often in M or M- condtion...I just got Little Feat - Dixie Chicken in a mint copy shipped to me for under $30.....yowsa....