Why Don't More People Love Audio?

Can anyone explain why high end audio seems to be forever stuck as a cottage industry? Why do my rich friends who absolutely have to have the BEST of everything and wouldn't be caught dead without expensive clothes, watch, car, home, furniture etc. settle for cheap mass produced components stuck away in a closet somewhere? I can hardly afford to go out to dinner, but I wouldn't dream of spending any less on audio or music.
Scott_w, my posting of my appeal for welding connections showing up as my system is an example of Audiogon screw-ups.
Tbg - I tweeted to agon a question about nuking my old virtual system last week, as support had no idear. The next day a product manager (not support) wrote me a coherent reply, noting a major site makeover they're doing in a few months. That will fix many problems apparently.

Ergo: maybe tweets are a better means? Worth a shot?
When someone checks out sites like audiogon,, they like what they see,,hmmm ,seems like a great hobby! Then they discover the,,, snake oil side of this hobby,and start to wonder about the sanity of the audiophile.As well as ,is this for real or a joke! Some of the stuff sold in the tweak section will have the average person shaking their head in disbelief,,,,or thinking we audiophiles are a bunch of fools.
It's simply a matter of preference and resource allocation.
The same can be said of anything.
Why don't more people love yoga?
Why don't more people love French cuisine?
Why don't more people love hunting?
Everyone can't love everything.

I've talked to number of my friends that love music and it's simply that they have other things that they are more involved. Many see it as a bit obsessive as well. Many have heard really nice systems and can appreciate the hobby but still don't feel the need to be that involved. These are people I go to plenty of concerts with and talk music with. They simply have other interests or varied interests. These days most people don't have the time to have more than one hobby.
Raytheprinter if you live and breath audio it can be hard to keep them demons at bay but the common interest is music and I don't any longer get anal about buying or trying audio gear like I used to. I think Audiogon has actually helped me in this arena by giving myself and others the ability to sample many different products and reselling to try something else.

Yes must be careful about some tweaks and ask yourself does the cost justify the means. The fools are the ones that leap before looking.