Why Don't More People Love Audio?

Can anyone explain why high end audio seems to be forever stuck as a cottage industry? Why do my rich friends who absolutely have to have the BEST of everything and wouldn't be caught dead without expensive clothes, watch, car, home, furniture etc. settle for cheap mass produced components stuck away in a closet somewhere? I can hardly afford to go out to dinner, but I wouldn't dream of spending any less on audio or music.
Oddiofyl, very good point & you are right, I enjoyed reading your post. Case in point, my daughter thought my system sounded good but she said I don't know what to listen for. She loves music but she was content going back to her room and listen to her boombox. I think it just comes down to pleasing ourselves.
I played an old analogue recording of Joan Baez on vinyl to my wife and she said it was "good but there's too much detail"...
Then I played the DDD CD she recorded (she is a wonderful mezzo-saprano). It was fairly flat. Then I played her a 60s record of Julie Andrews. The difference was amazing. She could "see" Julie in the room, hear her lips smack, the wetness in the mouth... and was pretty impressed. Later, I overheard her on the phone telling a friend that records were much better than CDs!
more people love music than the configuration of stereo systems to attain quality of sound. its obvious why.

the natural inclination of human beings is laziness. quality is sacrificed for convenience.

moreover, sound quality , for many does not enhance the enjoyment of listening to music.

the message of the music and the emotional content can be communicated using any medium.

the reason is intrinsic to the psychology governing human behavior.
Why don't more people shop at Nordstrom?
Last time I walked through Nordstrom (they have convenient parking to access the Mall) they had a sale rack of mens denim jeans with the standard designer-cut holes etc, but with added white house paint dribbles.
Perhaps faux blood smearings would have been more trendy, hence salable.