Why don't Joseph Audio Pearls get more love from the audio press?

From Neil Gader's Best of Show speaker segment from RMAF:

Best Sound (Cost No Object)

I could have gone Vandersteen, Wilson, or YG but my heart kept returning to the Joseph Pearl 3 with Berkeley Audio Design sourcing Doshi Audio power. Even in a smallish room the sound was effortless, and brimming with musicality and warmth. Take my money, please.

How is it that the Pearls, in any iteration, have -- unlike their smaller siblings -- gotten virtually no reviews from the audio press yet almost always garner lush praise from them at shows?  I just don't get it, unless Jeff can't make enough of them and is too stingy to give a pair to a reviewer for a couple months.  What gives???

I've wondered that out loud too.  The Pearls have garnered best of, or among best of show among a wide range of audio reviewers (and showgoers) for years, and it's strange they have never been reviewed.

Seems to me, given the stratospheric prices of many flagship speakers, they could be a giant killer.

Stereophile, where are you on this?

Their speakers are reviewed regularly by Stereophile, most recently in 2018. As far as I recall, Joseph Audio always gets positive reviews there. 
Yeah, but never the Pearls.  Strange. 
"As far as I recall, Joseph Audio always gets positive reviews there. "

As far as I recall, EVERYTHING always gets positive reviews there!!!!!
I wouldn’t say that. For one, read their review of the latest Klipschorn models. 
IMO, lots of great gear gets ignored, by both the press and audiophiles. Certain "hot" brands get reviewed regularly in mags and on sites, and talked about by consumers. Others---less trendy and fashionable, with few dealers, lacking "sex appeal" and prestige---ignored completely. Same with music. A new Stones or Who album will get reviewed no matter how bad it is. A great album by a less well-known artist will languish. Thank gawd for the internet!
I agree with @bdp24 and @soix. This is one reason I like to attend audio shows. At least I get to hear both what the reviewers say they like and stuff I have never encountered in the formal reviews. I had no intention of being a Joseph Audio owner. But then I heard Perspectives at AXPONA 2017. Even in a hotel room they sounded special. 
It's like reviewing the Sophias but not the Alexandrias.  Or the Quatros but not the Model 7.  Or the Q3 but not the Q7.  As far as everything getting a positive review, that's just a false argument IMHO.  As a former reviewer I can tell you that "crap" never bubbles up to the surface to get reviewed.  I reviewed dozens of products and only reviewed one that was a dog and reported it as such.  Look at the review sites as a funnel that only review stuff that is getting good buzz and you'll realize why most reviews are relatively positive.  Honestly, if you were publishing an audio review mag/website and heard something sounded like crap, would you want to review it?  C'mon.  Let's use a little common sense here.  Just saying every review is positive is just easy and shallow thinking.  Read what's written and you can get a lot from most reviews (except What Hifi -- they just suck and are useless IMO).