why don't I like it??

My setup right now is Aragon 2004 mkII, Klipsch kg3.5's, and a yamaha rxv-659. My old roommate had an Adcom gfa-5400 and I loved it. When we separated, I wanted another amp. I did my research and decided on the Aragon. I know the Aragons have a great rep, but I'm just not impressed. I've owned it now for several years and it's never quite grown on me. I love it for ht though, which is the reason why I still own it. Being married with kids changes how you use your system--ie., can't jam out to music all the time!! I think the problem might stem from the kind of music I like--rock. The crunched guitars sounded so much better with the Adcom. It might be the Aragon is too "clean". While in a different room set up, I swear the Adcom had much better detail and imaging I've had the Aragon in two different room setups and nothing really changed. What do you think?
What do you think?

It might be the music itself is to harsh. Do a google on CD Loudness wars.

I am not sure how far back you are referring to with your old roomate...in the 80's and early 90's a lot of rock music sounded very good. Since the mid 90's most rock has been squashed (including remasters of older recordings) using aggresive compressors and limiters => this rock music will nealry all sound harsh and unpleasant at anything higher than modest levels...

Jack Black and the 'air guitar' have become a thing of the past as nobody can really enjoy the kind of compressed music that is generally put out today.
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Verrrry revealing.
Sorry to hijack this thread - as it might not be a problem of badly recorded music - it was just a suggestion of mine.

However, CD Loudness and audio compression of music or simply put crap music is a MUCH bigger issue than most people realize.

Here is a short list of badly mastered CDs....classic bands like Police, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and many others appear on this list of shamefully badly clipped music.

Has anyone tried this software (see below) on some of their badly compressed stuff?

Declip Pro

It might be a way to enjoy some of those old favorites that just sound too harsh on the latest remastered CD.

No wonder people think digital sounds harsh and vinyl is better. I certainly think it is one of the reasons some people find Vinyl much less fatiguing.

There are however exceptions, I own two versions of the Duran Duran Rio CD....the 2002 version is significantly better than the 1994 Rio CD - the latest sounds closest to how I remember my old 1982 Japanese Vinyl pressing. There may be hope yet....perhaps after selling us all a bunch of crap for over ten years - the major labels can make even more money by selling us again the same thing but re-mastered properly!

Frankly given that clipping at these levels is "illegal" or outside the CD redbook capability - the major labels really ought to give us refunds on what are faulty products!
Amplifiers sound very different from each other. If you liked the Adcom, I would suggest a GFA-555 MKI. I believe this was the best of the bunch.

Some old audio lore. GFA = Great Fing Amp.
A couple of possibilities.

As someone already mentioned rock music on CD tends to be dynamically compressed and bright. As the system gets better / more accurate / more resolving, badly mastered music tends to sound worse.

Have you compared Adcom and Aragon side by side, or are you relying on your memory for how good Adcom sounded? Many things in life are better left in the memory, and don't result in the same satisfaction when trying again later in life.
I would not pair adcom or aragon with klipsch... Go tube, or with a good small Class A amp... Some nice Hybrid, or even integrated hybrid.. You want to do some real justice and stay solid state with those speakers go with a mcintosh vintage or last 10 years....Plus being you say "separated" must mean you moved, and your current room and acoustics are vastly different than what you were hearing in the previous room and system..
Agree with Undertow, Adcom + Klipsch = Harsh. I have a pair of KG 3.5 and I believe that their sensitivity is around 94dB-- I am running mine on 25W tube monoblocks with excellent results.
Thanks for the responses. Yes I am relying on memory and the set up before was completey different. But....the sound is way different. So I don't think it's the room, components, wiring, etc...I think I'm trying to identify how to describe what I liked about the Adcom better. For example, the crunched guitars sounded much more pronounced. I think, in retrospect, it was a much "dirtier" sound. That have been what I liked. So would that sound be more related to better mids? It seems like to top is so soft on the Aragon. Almost like that part of the music that I liked isn't there anymore. Again, going from memory. The cd's I listen to are the exact same in most cases so I don't think it's the recording. Although the issue of loudness is interesting. I write and record music for fun and understand the concepts of compression, but never really thought of it that way. Most of what I record is electronic so I don't think compression plays the same role as live recordings, but I could be wrong. I guess it depends on the quality of the samples or plugin you're using.