Why don't DVD players -TV monitors upgrade PCord

I am sold on upgrading power cords and good power conditioning. I am curious why video (TV and DVD) rarely has IEC / upgradable power cord. Is there a tech. reason why it would be of minimal advantage? My current DVD and HD monitor don't even have detachable cords (that have adaptors available now). Has anyone been nuts enough to rewire their own?? Results? Video Equipment is Panasonic (the high end of it, if not an oxymoron) and Tice IIIC power cond., Tice and Granite PCords where possible.
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Maybe the question should be: Why doesn't the high end audio power cord makers, produce a power cord compatible with that small socket found on most DVD players ???

Dan Wright at Modwright.com adds the large IEC as part of his DVD player mods. I think it is really an economic $$$ issue. Joe and Jane Consumer could care less; plus, the larger 6 foot 18-3 detachable power cord cost more than the lamp cord they give you. The larger IEC costs more also; and they would need to train the workers and stock more parts. Multiply all those costs by the millions and millions of units sold. The competition is tough in that market and razor thin profit margins matter.

I know the Cary and Camelot Roundtable DVD players have the large IEC power cord socket.

Harmonic Technologies does make an adaptor for the small porthole -> IEC. My player doesn't even have the small connection, but I bought one anyways cause I thought it may come in handy in the future, also may be hard to find.
The high end dvd players have iec connectors (e.g.Proceed).
My Pioneer Elite RPTV just had a hard wired lamp cord .... bummer. So, I took the back off, unsoldered the cord and soldered an IEC female connector in its place and used a good PC. I really felt that it made a difference. Its not that big of a deal. The connector was a few dollars at the electronics store.
Thanks Tireguy, that is good to know.
I know cheapness is a factor. I have looked at Harmonic Tech Adaptors and good solution for small adaptors. Even considered for a way to rewire, rather than directly attaching new PC altho' seems to be same solution as female IEC and lots more economical. (the Harmonic Tech dealers on AG can get them -$60). Looked at upgrade Modright - looks like upgrade is primarily to benefit analog audio output. Thus, I still wonder how much benefit for picture quality DVD and TV. The Tice IIIC and Solo Video helped immensely, I wonder if there is more to tweak (I must get a life....). Thanks...Ed
I think the company Vantage audio makes power cables for the small input, may be worth looking into. I forgot to mention this in my first post.
At the CES I saw a high quality replacement cord for two prong DVD players, TV etc at the Audioquest booth. Knowing Audioquests other products this should be an excellent upgrade choice.
My unit doesn't even have detachable cord - hard wired to internal. Anyone rewire their own. Or buy adaptor and splice close to component (My most considered shot.... easy enough but would it make difference???)