Why don't any good CD players resume play?

OK I realize this is a bit of a rant, but why don't any of the better CD players have a resume play feature? Meaning, if you stop it and turn it off, it resumes play where you stop it rather than from the beginning. My mass-marked Sony DVD player does this and I really liked it.

Anyone found a good CDP with this feature? Am I the only one who likes this feature?

Because anyone with a top end CD player never turns them off. I would press pause and let it sit for an hour... no problem. i never had an interest in holding a spot for more than a long phone call... so days is not in my vocabulary.
I did not think even mass market players held their place if you turn the power off ... could be wrong though! I know my CHEAP Colby (Walmart) DVD player will restart IF I only press STOP 1x ... any more thasn that and you are back at the beginning
This is really only a function of "DVD" players. However ONE unit that actually holds 10 Discs in their spots at a time in memory (but is a single disc player) is a fairly hi end unit called the OPPO BDP 83. It will auto hold CD, DVD, Blu Ray, SACD etc...And resume play everytime from the last spot you left it unless you hit the stop Button 2 times vs. only once.

It is a Universal machine meaning it plays anything, and also is the highest rated player on the market at a 500 dollar price point as well. It sounds very good in stock form, there is an "Audiophile" special edition now available for about 800 I believe. If you have not read about this unit it is everywhere on this site and others, pro and amature reviews always highly favoring it to much more expensive counterparts.

Good luck
.....because the demand for that function on CD player is not high or necessary, unlike DVD players where is makes sense.
Just push pause. Power consumption be damned!
This is also a feature of car CD players and some portables.
Who the heck even wants to start a song half way into it, anyways? If I ever get interrupted, I'll restart a track from the beginning. If you want start at a particular track number, just go there. A "resume play" feature for redbook CD seems pointless and unnecessary, to me.
CD players and portables do this because other reasons - you shut your ca off to run into the store or get gas. People want to pick up where they left off. People have to take their headphones off to talk to other people and so on.