Why doesn't my receiver work?

In July I mmoved from NYC to Nashville, but took a long vacation in between during which my stuff was in storage. This past weekend I finally got around to setting up my system and the receiver was not playing nicely with others.

It's an Arcam AVR200, about a year and a half old and used very lightly thus far. I connected it to the speakers (bi-wired), plugged in the (very old) CD player and pressed play. Both components were plugged directly into a wall, and as far as I know the wiring is clean. I got two very faint seconds of music - like playing a turntable without a phono line - and then the receiver went into standby mode (power light is red). I turned it off (no power light), then on again (power light is green), but the front panel display was blank. I tried connecting the television in order to go through the speaker set up again, but nothing worked.

I'm not real good with this stuff beyond plugging it in and making sure that all ins/outs are connected properly. Any help or suggestions (besides filing a claim with the movers - already putting that together) is greatly appreciated.
Check your speaker wiring. If improperly wired, the amp could have been playing into a short, which quickly would have blown a fuse or triggered another circuit protection device. Good luck.
Turn the receiver on with nothing hooked up to it. If the display is still blank then it needs to be serviced.

Unless it is physically damaged I don't think you'll have much luck with the movers. They will claim they had nothing to do with it, and they are probably correct.