Why Doesn't Contemporary Jazz Get Any Respect?

I am a huge fan of Peter White,Kirk Whalum,Dave Koz,Warren Hill,etc.I have never understood why this flavor of music gets no respect.Not only is it musically appealing,but in most cases its very well recorded.Any comparisons to old jazz(Miles Davis etc.) are ludicrous.Its like comparing apples and oranges.Can anyone shed some light on this?Any contemporary(smooth)Jazz out there?I would love to hear from you. Thanks John
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This is what I said almost ten years ago- in anger and disapointment probably- I don't remember. I wonder if it still holds good...for me it does. Things haven't got better as far as I'm concerned.
"Contemporary Jazz is an attitude, played by epigones and mostly, to someone who is intimately familiar with the "old stuff", its just plain stale and boring. Technical excellence is usually high, but an essential part is missing, probably disolved by political correctness, masss culture and the creative brains (usually black), going different ways these days. With Monk the anger was REAL and it gave his music a presence and a rawness which you could feel. The loneliness of Coltrane could be heard not only in his lonely woman theme, Miles'aloofness, his despair was in his music, Ellington, a musical genius, was driven by a social message, who swings like Basie these days or is funny like Carla Bley? Where is the velvet of Hodges, the clear smoothness of Bechet? Where is that deeply engrained musicality of Satchmo's...even his farts were music....etc.etc. No, Jazz was never really smooth, except when it became commercially bastardised. Was Parker smooth?
But these times are gone, what we have now is the attitude, but neither the pain, nor the cojones. Just MO."
"But these times are gone, what we have now is the attitude, but neither the pain, nor the cojones.”

Detlof, your point is very well made. That’s why, now-a-days, the best jazz is coming out of Eastern Europe, IMO.
PTMconsulting is totally right ... I gave up on SACD several years ago because of the 45 or so that I owned, fewer than 10 were worth playing. I'm quite convinced that we're asking components to make up for the failure of the recording industry, and all who record to CD/SACD, to offer recordings that are truly concerned primarily with sound (in all aspects) QUALITY. That isn't happening.n No one should have to spend $1000's of dollars just to be amazed by (the sound of) the music being played.
Low exposure ? After 6 or 7 tunes, smooth jazz is predictable. Have you heard the Riita Paakki Trio from Finland ;Christoph Spendel Trio, Germany; Gregg Karukas, USA;
Incognito, UK -- the MP3 only combo on Tupelo Records.
"Almost all of the real jazz artist are long dead."

Spoken like a card carrying member of the Dead Poet's Society.

My listening room walls are laced with wall hangings of a few of the greats. Miles, Trane, Gillespie, Gordon, Parker, Peterson, Montgomery...I've run out of wall space and have a ton of wall hangings boxed in the garage.

It sets a certain mood while sitting amidst visual reminders of these 'dead poets'...each of them a poet in his/her own right.

It's enjoyable to revisit this thread on an annual basis. Happy New Year 2 All!