Why Doesn't Contemporary Jazz Get Any Respect?

I am a huge fan of Peter White,Kirk Whalum,Dave Koz,Warren Hill,etc.I have never understood why this flavor of music gets no respect.Not only is it musically appealing,but in most cases its very well recorded.Any comparisons to old jazz(Miles Davis etc.) are ludicrous.Its like comparing apples and oranges.Can anyone shed some light on this?Any contemporary(smooth)Jazz out there?I would love to hear from you. Thanks John
I thought this was going to get pretty out of hand, I am not going to get involved with this any more. Enjoy the mindless bickering.
Clueless, That "sincerely I remain" thing cracks me up every time I read it. Is that an original or some old vaudeville shtick?
Detlof, too bad the rating system isn't around. That post should be required reading.
$3500. for Lee Morgan's Candy???? Nice record, but really.
Regarding Wynton, People should listen to Standard Time Vol. 1, and then decide. No he isnt Trane, but Trane isnt Wynton either. Just my opinion.......Frank
Perhaps there is a difference between late-night FM "Smooth" Jazz and Contemporary Jazz? My oldest son grew up listining to Miles, Baker, Desmond...and Johnny Hartman. Now, he helps me to enjoy Kevin Mahogany, Terence Blanchard and more.

For my son and I, it is not a contest between older Jazz and current Jazz..we feel that this is an on-going evolution. With us it is more of a difference between Jazz and late-night FM...mall music.
Actually, Krelldog, we DO have a jazz station in Spokane, Washington (KEWU) that DOES play " old, tired, whiney(?)" Classic Jazz. It is quite enjoyable.

Also, I'd like to mention that it is damn tough getting tickets at the "... Jazz Alley" in Seattle whenever a tired old guy comes to play several shows. I remember Horace Silver playing 4 nights, all which were standing room only.

I understand you have a passion for smooth stuff, some of us prefer our old Jazz. Like others have mentioned here, it has more soul, more meaning to us.