Why doesn't Audiogon have some guidelines?

Many times I have answered ads which I was interested in only to be told the item was sold. After waiting and rechecking the ad I'd find no indication of item being sold or sale pending.
Why doesn't Audiogon have some guidelines for the posting of ads?
I have emailed audiogon regarding this.
Very frustrating.
I think it is up to the seller to delete their ad once it is sold.
Got one for you. A seller had a great price. I offered to pay asking/shipping/Paypal. 2 days go by no response. I emailed once again,--No response. 3/4 weeks later Same add, same seller; product is now 40 bucks cheaper. I had already bought from someone else. I emailed,telling about being ignored.-- Said he was just testing the waters; gave me his home phone #. I could tell he was desperate this time. emailed again;another 40 drop in price. I ignored him this time.(Twice)
Some people leave the ad running until they receive the cash from the "committed" buyer. It's all too common for people to reneg, deleting the ad means having to re-post again when the orginal buyer backs out. Altering the ad so it sez "sale pending" is an eyesore and for some very strange reason, bugs me. Personally, I delete my ads and risk having to re-post them if necessary.
I do the same thing, Jeffloistarca. However, when I receive additional email about the item, I always indicate that
I have a sale pending, and will notify the potential buyer that I will get back to him if the sale falls through. Not only is this common courtesy, it's a good business practice. Happy Tunes!
I too agree with the way Jeff handles it. Sale pending notices grate on me too-- it makes potential buyers frustrated and in "lmbo", and for that matter, so does a SOLD notice-- delete the ad and be done with it. Craig
One problem with deleting ads vs. posting a SOLD status is that it messes up the Audiogon pricing history stat's. They use the "sold status" with the "price info." to update their DBase with every sale that happens here. If we want current & vaild pricing data from this service (& if not then why even have the feature available?) then the only way it will happen is to work with the system.
Personally I don't mind "sold" or "sale pendings" at all. I've even contacted a seller with a "sale pending" asking to be notified if the sale fell thru; it did & I was able to purchase after all. Nice.
Maybe adding "sale pending" isn't as soothing as a fresh clean ad is to some sellers but isn't it the right thing to do. Potential buyers read through these ads ready to spend their money and they don't want to waste their time and hope on something which is no longer available. If I see an ad which I am interested in and it is labeled "sale pending" I will continue to watch that ad. If I respond to an ad which is pending and not labeled "sale pending" it raises a flag for me to beware of this seller. Just something that grates on me.
Gary: I add "sale pending" until it is a done deal. For more popular items I have received emails following this update and always reiterate with individual emails, later on, confirming that the item has definately been sold. It's reasonable to put yourself into a purchasing "mind set" when selling items (this way most will do well with their selling ventures). Sometimes the number of emails (in this process) can be a bit of a burden (or so it seems), but "hey" you are communicating with other hobbyist's (just like in the forums), so set back and enjoy these follow ups. I have met some very nice people (through this process) even though the item ended up not being available for them. The member that I recently sold my SET amp to (due to a forced down sizing) even offered me first dibs if he decides to move on (granted that I get our finances together again:-), I mean really, what a class act. Lot's of very nice people involved in this hobby (JUST PLACE YOURSELF IN THE BUYER'S POSITION WHEN RUNNING ADS AND THINGS WILL CLICK".
Thanks to all who responded to my rant. I have to admit this is the best site on the web for buying audio gear, thanks to all the sellers out there.