: Why does the going price of Fisher 500-c is

escalating, particularly the "for repair or Parts'
Demand. The Fisher 500 was a 'classic'. As the desire for it rises.. so does the price. Most likely any old broken ones have been snatched up by resellers..
So naturally the price will go up.
ANYTHING somebody likes and posts about on the internet, the price will go up.
Other stuff WAY over the actual value of the items are Marantz 8 and 9.. Crazy prices fo slightly better than average stuff.
Funny I bought several great items at unusually LOW prices because no one talked about them.
An Audio Research PH-2 list was $2,500 I paid $700.
Audio Research SP-15 list $6,000 I paid $1,500.
Both great units well undervalued.

Same thing Marantz 22270 I found one for $29. Now they are $300
Maybe if I praise them enough, the prices will skyrocket, and I can sell mine for a pile of cash.