Why does streaming need to be so complex

Been struggling for a while now. I simply want the best source for my Apple Music subscription, Tidal Hi-Fi subscription and now Amazon Music HD subscription. I really don’t care about a DAC as I am using an external Benchmark DAC. Got a revealing system using Sim Audio power amp and Von Schweikert speakers. Currently using Apple TV and Fire TV through my OPPO 105 HDMI in and Coax out to DAC. Both sources are not capable of passing Hi-Res. Raspberry PI solution though good needs technical skills, Aurelic product does not support Amazon Music HD, list continues with audiophile streamers missing some functionality or the other. 
The only decent streamer out there that covers it all is Bluesound node 2 and 2i and they continue to keep the customers in mind with updates. Is that the only option out there? Am I stuck with building my own using Mac mini or Raspberry PI? Budget is $1500. 
This article by John Darko sums it all up. https://darko.audio/2019/03/the-inconvenient-truth-about-mqa-on-ios/

As per my original post - there still remains a lot of gaps in the streaming world. There are some excellent and expensive audiophile streamers that fail to offer all services - the only one I know that does a decent job with hi res source is Bluesound Node 2. Again not the best product - but excellent vendor partnership program and customer service. 
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Op, your Oppo105 has Tidal app. You don't need to use outboard DAC since Oppo DAC is very good. You can use Wifi or hardwire your Oppo to a router. Use XLR balanced out line level. Use a class A tube preamp and solid state amp. Use ipod or any tablet to browse and control the Tidal. less wire and direct stream will improve SQ.
@junzhang10 I did that for a while. I like Amazon HD and the price is better and in the long term the savings add up. OPPO has no customer service and no future updates available. As a matter of fact I have the OPPO 105 for sale on CL. My current set up consists of driving amazon HD through Fire TV into OPPO HDMI in and coax out to my benchmark DAC. To my original point the Fire TV down samples the music again to be up sampled by benchmark DAC. Audiophiles are always searching for that purest source with least links. 
I’ve been happy with using a small form computer for my source and a good DAC out board. maybe you should look at setting up a dedicated mini computer like a Mac mini or Assus Vio, digital out or usb out will be avail. all services are avail and you can set up a tablet-phone to act as a remote. I had my Assus Vio set up for dedicated streaming by my computer tech friend he ditched much of the stuff running in the back ground that improved things quite nicely.

I also use a wireless keyboard with a track pad on one side for times when I need to type stuff more convenient then typing on a touch screen. Only thing you need is a monitor I use my TV since its in the same room, my friend uses a small touch screen monitor mounted on a swivel, the monitor is like 12" diagonal not much bigger then a tabet. Or use a tablet. 

one last thing I like about the small form computer is the power supply is out board think in line wall wart so some isolasion phisixaly .