why does NBC sound so bad? are networks different

or is it the transmission towers?

I have Directv and my receiver supports off air antenna. When I listen to CBS it sounds terrific, FOX and ABC sound great as well but NBC sounds muffled, like cotton in my ears. This happens on all programs.

I have often wondered why NBC sounds so much worse.

Does anyone know is it the signal the networks send? (doubtful)

Is it the local towers? (my best guess)

Has anyone else noticed this?

any info appreciated...

fwiw the off air channels sound way better than the ones I get over the satellite.
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Even my local NBC affiliate sounds poor over the air when national broadcasts are on but when the local stuff is on it sounds good. Who knows it might be like this old tv I bought in the late 90s made by GE. It was the worst TV I have ever owned. It was replaced 3 times under warranty before I got tired and sent off to the recycler. It sounded horrible and all 3 made all kinds of noises in the back where the plug went into the chassis. It would even whistle every now and then. When I get on an airplane and I see GE engine as boarding I think of those TV sets and cringe.
Must vary by location,here NBC sounds OK but Fox like pure garbage.
thanks guys

I should mention that I am using my stereo for sound so it is not the TV that is affecting the problem.
Must be a regional thing.

All I hear on MSNBC is static.

But the commercials are crystal clear.

Go figure.
Maybe it could be the TV show you are watching on NBC? Whenever I've watched Sunday Night Football or any other big TV event/show on NBC the picture has been really clear and sound was very nice either from the TV speakers or my HT system. Maybe the summer time programming isn't getting the good picture and sound treatment?

I have my HD cable box connected via HDMI to my Samsung TV and then from my TV I have a Toslink cable going to my Outlaw Model 990 pre/pro. The 990 doesn't have HDMI inputs or outputs or else I'd hook up things up differently.

Regarding commercials and their sound I thought laws were being passed to bring their volume levels down? It is very annoying that you are watching a show at a nice volume level and then the commercial comes on and it is louder and you have to adjust.
Bill I get same results lol
Can you not get your locals from D*? I put away the antenna several years ago when our locals where picked up on the dish. In my area it was FOX that always seemed to be on the back side of the transmission.

Content is a different story altogether. We never watch the networks unless it's sports. How many times can one watch the same re-hashed doctor, lawyer, cop show?
Dan ed,

actually I can not get local channels in my set up, there is a big tree right where the dish needs to aim to get them. But why would I want to pay when I get the off air service for free? and like I mentioned the off air is better sounding and in hi def to boot.

fwiw the main problem I have is that NBC sounds so bad compared to CBS especially when switching from Letterman to Leno it is really noticable but this happens with other programs as well.

It just got me wondering if everyone else has this problem or maybe it is a local problem...
Seems to be program related, too.
Was watching an hour show one nite. Every time they went to this one scene, the sound had a buzz to it. rest of show? fine. It was obviously some kind of production mistake.

Many music specials.....Diana Krall comes to mind, have intentionally sub-par sound to discourage people ike ME from recording it.

In the 'old days', they'd do 'simulcast' where the TV sound was sync'd to FM and you could get the FM sound and TV picture. And hope for no time delay.

Off-air is probably best, all the cable/small dish guys step on the signal pretty badly with the exception of live sports and news. go figger.
I don't pay extra for locals on d*. I spent a good deal of time with antennas long before there were more than two or three HD channels and really never could say that the off air reception was any better. YMMV depending where you live. There is a fair amount of multipath around my neighborhood due to hills.
Whow i didnt know that.
Where I live,(closer to Buffalo NY, than Toronto)I have found that whether I run satellite or free air, that some programs just seem less clear than others.

Most dramas seem to have the poorest dialog resoulution.

The type of programming that I don't enjoy to watch(the cheap to produce reality or game show drivel)are clearer.

Now is this deliberate?

By the way,the Wives will be going off the air, so my wife tells me.

I wonder what will replace it, the Desparate Bachelorettes of Hootersville?
fwiw I recently switched to cable TV and all the networks sound (more or less) the same.

I think the local transmitting tower was sending a lower quality NBC signal causing low quality sound on Directv.

thanks all

I just read an interview with Alan Parsons, famed recording engineer for Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and many others. He said TV sound, and most especially in the U.S., was "dreadful". He said that it was basically because there seemed to be little effort made for quality sound and that audio was run through many different processes, all with degrading effects, before it was even broadcast. One could assume the various cable entities such as Directv, Comcast, et. al. introduce additional degradations. Until enough people make it clear there's a problem it won't go away.