Why does my system now have shrill top end.

The equipment in my system (listed below) has not changed but I now find on both CD and Vinyl a high end shrillness to the sound (treble is very harsh) that has become very annoying, especially at high volume levels. I have no idea why this happened all of a sudden.

Endevour E-3
Pass 30.8
Pass XP 20
Esoteric K01x
Linn LP12 (Ortofon Black cartridge)
Linn Linto Phono Preamp
PS Audio P5 (Amp plugged in directly to wall)
JL Audio F112 v2 sub
OCOS Speaker cable (15 feet)
Pass XLR interconnect (Preamp to Amp)
Harmonic Technology Cable Magic Link (not current version). RCA termination

Any ideas?
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Yes, the humidity shift happens at about 45%.

Above that it is dissipative. static will bleed off.

Below that, it will begin to build. The effect is subtle but persistent, and worsens as the dryer it becomes.

It's not just the carrier as an issue it's the static.

The next possibility is a degrading of electrical connections, with regard to impedance at the interface, due to oxidation, contact quality degradation, etc.

Next, that some critical component or aspect is right on the ragged edge of being overly revealing and overly analytical. As combinations go, that is.

Anything with outboard power supplies and an umbilical connection to said power supply is especially vulnerable to contact degradation in the connecting umbilical. Check those connections. Reinsert, tighten, etc.
Thanks for the advice. I assume the ac cables do not degrade themselves.
Have you changed anything in your room? Added a coffee table, moved speakers, etc? Have you changed where you sit? 
Aging equipment (a cap has degraded) or a loose connection. 
The only thing that was changed in my house is that we put a new kitchen in. As the system is in the basement and I use the P5 except for the amp I cannot figure how that would have made a difference but stranger things have happened.

In regard to aging equipment all the electronics are less than 4 years old. Only old items are the speaker cables/interconnects/power cables.