Why does my seperate tuner sound so bad?

What is causing noise in the audio of my Sony SA50ES tuner that is apparetnt during sound output but will lessen during quite moments. It sounds like a weak static when sound is outputing. It is appearent on both strong and weak signals. AM and FM. I don't think ground loops are the problem. I'm using the Dynalab ST2 whip antena mounted ontop of a Channel Master TV probally 10 FT above the roof line. I'm running about 50FT of Radio Shack Quad Sheilded cable with direct connection from antena to tuner. Do I have problems with the location of the antena or is the tuner at fault. What should I try?
Ronald, You have good equipment,antennae and fine cable. Assuming it is all working properly, you have some sort of ghost in the machine(s). I would suggest taking your tuner to a friends house and see if the problem persists there. Conversely, try his (or her) tuner at your house and see what happens. This should eliminate some theories of what is wrong and what is right. After that process of elimination has occured, we will be able to help you further. Best Regards,
You might get the best feedback for this question if you take it to the tuner forum at www.fmtunerinfo.com Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Tuner Forum.

You are probably suffering from multipath distortion. I had the same thing and only learned of it when I acquired a Sequerra Model 1 tuner and its scope display clearly showed multipath distortion. I had thought it was the other tuner's fault. I use the same whip antenna you have and it will not correct this problem especially for my favourite station. To correct this, i will install a directional APS antenna and rotate it until the multipath signal is reduced or eliminated. This may be your problem. Bowwor someone's tuner that has a multipath measuring meter or display and see for yourself.

I don't have a freind with a tuner to barow at the moment.


I can't use a APS because my TV antenna is the primary part of my mask with rotor and the APS needs a rotor and 10 FT of space between TV and FM antennas. I thought the ST-2 was the answer because they recommened to mount it to the same mask as the TV antenna.

Dynalab the maker of the ST-2 antenna says there antenna is not at fault and the tuner is not performing to specification and he recomends buying there Tuner.

Any more suggestions? I expected much better performance with $100 antenna and a $800 retail tuner. Sony recommneds (Forgot to mention its a typo above I have a ST-SA5ES tuner) all antenna (TV from FM) be seperated by 6 ft. To bad winter is setting in and it is not the best time of the year to be playing on a roof.
You might try a friend or neighbor with a receiver that has a tuner in it. The other option is to borrow a tuner from an audio store you have a favorable relationship with and/ or bring your tuner there to see if the problem follows the tuner. Has the fmtunerinfo.com sight been of any help?
Best Regards.

Yes the tuner sight has been of help and I have been reading it alot as of late. I knew it was there but lost the link. Since winter was setting in I really don't feel like going on the roof to much or switching to the APS9 directional as most suggest. I actualy found out that if I take the tuner off auto seek mode and actally go off the station a bit and weaken the signal it sounds better. I listened to it like that for a couple of hours one night. The next day it seemed to work better even after I used auto tune at full signal strength. I might not know what I'm talking about but I think I may have warmed up some sort of tuning cuircit by using the manual tune mode like I did. I listened to for several more hours and the music is sounded suberb on most stations. I really did not want to get close to the speakers because it sounded so good I did not want to know if there was a problem. Get this I than switched to the CD juke box to listen to some CDRs and beleive it or not but the CDRs were anoying me. Like the tuner had a more natural sound or the varity of new music I was hearing made it better. Can anyone relate to this?