Why does my reciever get hot?

Hey folks

I used to have a technics reciever with RCA-style briding clips (only reciever i have ever seen like that, you could even plug a pre-amp into the opposing input from where the pre-hit the bridging clip and use a seperate processor with the internal amps on that reciever. not that you would, it is just weird that you could) that i could remove and plug amps into and turn the thing into a pre-amp. It ran cool that way, which makes sence cause the amps are not on.

Now i have a Denon 3805. It has PRE-OUTS, and for the front 2 channels im using an external amplifier.

Now, seeing as how the speakers are plugged into the amplifier and not the reciever, when listening to STEREO or DIRECT modes the reciever still gets hot to the touch.

I had assumed that the dumb thing would run cool if there was a dead OPEN between the speaker terminals, cause the CKT is no longer complete.

Anyone know why this thing still runs so warm? It is not any cooler than when i had the speakers hooked up to the terminals on the reciever. I was just wondering if this is NORMAL.....
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Stop touching it soooo much Slappy !
The 'amp' section IS STILL POWERED.. whether you have the jumper in or out. The 'amp' section is just idling. And if it is even a hair on the class "A" side, it will idle HOT.
It is normal and I would not worry about it.
Slap Happy Pappy,

My experience with Denon receivers is that unless they have lots of venitlation, they tend to run hot. When a buddy of mine installs them in cabinets, he usually hooks up a muffin fan to one of the switched outlets on the back to vent the cabinet.

For all you 'philes' growning at the thought of hooking a fan up to a receiver; he's a custom installer and most of his customers can care less about sound quality.

Did you every get the mic to calibrate your 3805?

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Nope. Never got it the Mic. Maybe i will pick one up friday.

Man, i need some new speakers bad.

The denon is in an open rack, so im not worried about ventillation. Looks like the thing will always be a bit warm. not a big deal. Just struck me as odd.
Class A/B idle runs cool. Class A idle runs HOT. Pure Class A actually is using the most power at idle... and would be COOLER when running full blast.
And no I don't think any information is flowing to the amp section... It is all alone in there, just waiting patiently for something, anything useful to do.
I had a Carver that NEVER even felt warm to the touch, ever.
My Forte' is hot just idling.
My old amp was 300 WPC, it never even got warm. My new 200W amps heat up the room so much, that I periodically have to open all the windows to air it out. After 4 hours, It raises the room temp by 10-15 degrees F.

Think your amp is hot? Try tubes;))) I am seriously starting to wonder if I should buy a "summer" amp, but I love my tubes..
Talk about hot amps. I have a little Monarchy Audio Sm70 class A amp hooked up to my computer. I use it to heat the upstairs during the winter.

Slap Happy Pappy,

Might be that the Denon is biased slightly Class A for the first few watts. So, when it's sitting at idle it would run hot. I thought you were happy with the Slappy Crappy Shady-O-Rack speakers?
I had a Denon 3802. Always hot, even when just sitting idle (still powered up of course). One reason I got rid of it, as the cabinet it was in (WAF) was closed most of the time. When you opened the door, heat could be felt coming out. Got a NAD, it runs cooler, but has an internal fan for when it heats up. Curiously this is when I play 2 channel music, not movies.
It is probably the processor that runs hot.
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