Why does my old CD player sound so much better than my new streamer?

Earlier this year I upgraded my system. Briefly, new Prima Luna Dialogue Premium HP integrated, new Lumin D2 streamer/DAC, kept my Tekton speakers, bought a 10 year old Muse Erato CD player, new Nordost Red Dawn cables all around.  After plenty of break in, the Lumin D2 streaming Tidal, even 24/96, does not sound close to as good as the Muse Erato.  I understand the Muse was about $10k new years ago, I paid $650 for it on Audiogon, is that the difference? It replaced my Naim I had for 20+ years and I bought it on the chance I want to listen to something not on Tidal, but now I'm going to CDs when I want to sit and listen instead of streaming. I considered upgrading to the Lumin T2, but will that be more of the same Lumin sound, which is accurate but thin and a little cold compared to the Muse.  I like the Lumin when just letting Tidal shuffle music as I move around the house, but from the opening note in an A/B test the Muse just sounds so much warmer, live and simply more enjoyable. Any thoughts or suggestions?
Bo, do your CD rips sound better than your CD player? 
I own a D2, and AudioTroy gave very helpful and useful info on dialing in the D2. First, set the audio volume to fixed. Second, enable DSD decoded playback. Third, if using Roon, set Roon to upsample to DSD and adjust the phase and filter settings to those recommended by Lumin. Fourth, use a decent power cable. Finally, if your preamp/amp permits, use the balanced outputs of the Lumin.

I thought those changes dialed the D2 in just great. I later added the Sbooster linear power supply, and heard solid improvements, namely much firmer and defined bass and lots more detail.

Very happy with the D2/Roon combo, such that I am not tempted to go to the T2.
I did compare even downloads to each other of the different websites where you buy them from. And also CD rips. The quality you get from the music you buy at Qobuz is often better than others. And also better than CD rips. I always compare and choose the best.

The AudioFacts Pro modification brings the D1/D2 to a superior level compared to the A1 and also T2. For a lot less money. We use superior parts even compared which ones are used on the A1. The A1 and D1/D2 share the same DAC. It was our goal to outperform the A1.

But we got even further. We have a client from Austria (who soon will write a review) and I will ask him if he wants to put it over here as well.

He had bought a Lumin D2 with a Pro modification and a modified Sbooster. This combo did cost him 3850 euro. He is a member of an audio club. He compared his combo with a 13500 euro network player from another member. And also he compared it with a 14000 euro Linn network player. He both outperformed them. The owners were very honest and admitted that his combo was convincingly better.
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