Why Does My Nottingham Motor Seem To Run Fast?

I just checked the speed of my Nottingham Spacedeck and at 33 1/3 rpm. the platter seems to move slightly too fast, that is, the hash marks on my gauge move very slowly in a clockwise direction. Should they not remain constant in place?
Loaded or unloaded? Record on the platter with stylus tracking in the grove?

Have you ever checked the speed before for the correct speed?

Is the motor an AC synchronous type motor?
Mains frequency could be higher than 60Hz.

If this is the first time you have ever checked the speed I would think other factors could be the reason the speed is off other than the motor.

Tolerance specs in the manufacturing diameter of the motor pulley or platter.

I would think the way the belt rides in the pulley grove.
Yes, they should be stationary. Don't get too wound up about it though. If its close and consistant, its fine.
Thanks for your questions/observations, Jea48!

I have been playing with this table all day and trying to figure out just what might have been causing this as the tolerances from NAS are consistently reported as superb. As I have mentioned, this deck was purchased second-hand and I have been going through, cleaning, setting up (as much as I can given there are really not a lot of good instructions out there)and noticed that the motor pulley groove for 33 1/3 had some gunk build-up in it. After cleaning it out, I observe the speed to be very spot-on. My guess from this maneuver is that the build-up was just enough to increase the diameter of the pulley slightly, causing it to turn the platter just a bit too fast. So, if that ever occurs in others' experience, I would sure have a look at that pulley.

Thanks again. Still no answer to the bearing oil question, though. Would really like to clean out and renew the old oil, which I have a feeling has been in there from day uno!!